Why high cholesterol is better than low

Big Pharma isn’t telling your doc this…they want to continue racking in $5 billion a year from statins…

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Why men actually want high cholesterol

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve noticed throughout my 23 years of being a health researcher, that we live in a world obsessed with cholesterol – obsessed with LOWERING cholesterol.

And it’s completely crazy – it’s based on some pretty flaky theory that has been debunked over and over again for decades.

High cholesterol can be a sign of underlying health problems – but cholesterol itself is not an issue.

In fact, a full reading of the research leads me to the conclusion that cholesterol is protective rather than harmful.

And, even in otherwise healthy people, cholesterol has a myriad of essential uses.

It’s the basis of other hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

It helps us to detoxify inflammatory bacteria and other common dangerous elements.

And cholesterol is absolutely essential to brain health.

People with lower cholesterol perform much worse on cognitive tests.

This is why cognitive ability goes into a rapid decline when people take effective steps to lower cholesterol.

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The analysis of human research was carried out at Boston University. This paper was published in Psychosomatic Medicine.

“We examined the relationship between total cholesterol and cognitive performance within the context of the Framingham Heart Study, a large, community-based, prospective investigation of cardiovascular risk factors.”

The researchers analyzed data from over 1,800 people who were checked out for dementia and other major brain issues.

They were given the all clear before entering into the analysis.

“Participants were 789 men and 1105 women from the Framingham Heart Study original cohort who were free of dementia and stroke.”

The participants had their cholesterol levels assessed every other year for more than 15 years.

“The participants received biennial total cholesterol determinations over a 16- to 18-year surveillance period.”

They were also given a number of cognitive tests to measure their mental abilities over the same time period.

“Cognitive tests were administered 4 to 6 years subsequent to the surveillance period.”

The researchers looked at many different aspects of mental ability and also calculated an overall score of cognitive performance.

“Cognitive tests consisted of measures of learning, memory, attention, concentration, abstract reasoning, concept formation, and organizational abilities.”

When the researchers calculated the figures they took into account other factors which are known to affect mental function.

“Statistical models were adjusted for multiple demographic and biological covariates.”

They found a strong relationship between numerous aspects of mental performance and cholesterol levels.

Higher cholesterol was associated with better scores on cognitive tests – and vice versa.

“There was a significant positive linear association between total cholesterol and measures of verbal fluency, attention/concentration, and abstract reasoning.”

Overall mental performance was better in people with higher cholesterol and worse in those with low cholesterol.

“There was a significant positive linear association between total cholesterol and a composite score measuring multiple cognitive domains.”

Those with cholesterol within the target range of many doctors performed worst in the mental tests.

“Participants with “desirable” total cholesterol levels (<200 mg/dL) performed less well than participants with borderline-high total cholesterol levels (200-239 mg/dL) and participants with high total cholesterol levels).”

Communication, reasoning, concentration and decision-making are all things which are significantly negatively affected by lower cholesterol.

“Lower naturally occurring total cholesterol levels are associated with poorer performance on cognitive measures, which place high demands on abstract reasoning, attention/concentration, word fluency, and executive functioning.”

The decision to urge the population to keep cholesterol levels within a lower range is one of the worst medical decisions ever made.

It’s based on a terrible theory which has been disproven from multiple angles over decades.

And the negative effect of lower cholesterol on mental and physical health is almost incalculable.

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So there is no “perfect” cholesterol number that every man should meet.

The only real way to make sure your cholesterol is at a healthy level for your body is to measure it against your T levels.

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I know it sounds strange, but cholesterol actually turns into testosterone in the male body.

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