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This is why gorillas never get prostate problems

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How to use red light to reverse eye aging

A little while ago, I reported on some fascinating research from University College London in the UK.

This human study found that red light can re-energise aging eyes.

You see, our body’s cells become depleted of energy (in the form of ATP) over time.

Some parts of the body require vast amounts of ATP, and so aging tends to show there first.

The eye is a great example.

“The retina of the eye ages faster than most other organs, with a 70% reduction in ATP over a lifetime.”

That study showed that a few short treatments with red light could reverse aging in the eye and improve eyesight.

“In the over 40s, significant improvements were obtained on aspects of vision known to be vulnerable to mitochondrial energy deficit.”

That team has recently published a new study showing that even lower doses of red light can improve different aspects of vision…

They needed only one 3 minute session too.

Critically, the researchers found that the timing of the red light therapy determined whether or not it was effective.

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The research was carried out at University College London. The paper was published in The Journals of Gerontology.

Aging and disease are largely caused by decreased energy. Energy is produced in the mitochondria of the cells in the form of ATP.

“Mitochondrial decline in aging robs cells of ATP.”

Red and near infrared A wavelengths of light have been shown to increase ATP production in the cell.

This can effectively reverse aging and disease.

“However, animal studies show that long wavelength exposure (650-900 nm) over weeks partially restores ATP and improves function.”

This research team had proved that relatively low doses of redline can improve eyesight in older people

“Recently, repeated 670 nm exposures have been used on the aged human retina, which has high-energy demands and significant mitochondrial and functional decline, to improve vision.”

In the new series of experiments, they looked to see whether a single treatment with low intensity red light can improve another aspect of vision

Color contrast detection. This is one of the many aspects of vision which tends to fade with age.

“A single 3 min red light exposure is sufficient to significantly improve color vision to levels associated with younger subjects.”

Their experiments showed that just a single dose of red light could improve color contrast vision.

But they also found that the time of day when the treatment was done was essential for its effectiveness.

“But light needs to be delivered at specific times.”

The test used very low intensities of red light for 3 minutes at different times of the day.

“Single exposures to 670 nm light delivered in the morning, at only 8 mW/cm2 have the ability to improve cone photoreceptor function in aged subjects to levels commonly found in much younger individuals and can be sustained for up to a week.”

The research showed that red light in the morning was effective at improving vision.

But the same treatment later in the day had no effect at all.

“Similar methods were applied to a subgroup in the afternoon and tested 3 h later. The results showed no impact following afternoon light exposure. Hence only the morning light dose is effective.”

Another interesting finding in this study is that very low intensity red light is effective.

This study used 8 mW of light intensity. 8 thousandths of a Watt.

“A common target is approximately 40 mW. But the energies used here are significantly lower at only 8 mW.”

LED lights which can produce red light in this wavelength and at this power intensity are extremely cheap.

Though it is important to know exactly what you are getting if you are playing around with red lights…

If the light intensity is much higher than this could cause problems in the eye.

These 2 recent studies show that there are very cheap and effective solutions to significantly improve vision in the aging eye.

“This intervention, demonstrated to improve aged mitochondrial function, can be applied to enhance color vision in old age.”

What is more, the principles seen in this study, improving health by increasing mitochondrial energy using red light…

Are applicable to all parts of the body!

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