Why does drinking this superherb give me such big boners?

Just a few sips and I’m bulging out down there

—-Important Message From Adam Armstrong—-

Why does drinking this superherb give me such big boners?

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What do I do when I want raging rockiness, marathon staying power, and the Alpha Male ability to satisfy any woman in bed?

I just drink this at breakfast – it targets poor erections in 3 unique ways thanks to a little-known, yet ultra-powerful Ancient Eastern Superherb.

This Superherb takes just 30 seconds a day to prepare and drink, and is 100% safe and natural.


This 1 thing is what stops most men from losing fat

I’m going to go out on a limb here today and tell you that if you’re obese your first goal probably shouldn’t be weight loss.

Most of the ways that people lose weight are not very great for health and wellbeing.

In fact, they can cause serious metabolic problems.

That’s because most “diets” erode the incredibly important lean mass in your body.

You can actually be obese and fairly healthy.

Those metabolic issues that most weight loss programs cause can then lead to other diseases. It creates a pretty nasty cycle.

Instead, it’s better to FIX YOUR METABOLISM first.

When you fix your metabolism you end up fixing far more than just obesity.

You also fix lots of other problems in your body.

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Here’s the weird thing about obesity.

Obesity causes chronic inflammation and chronic inflammation DRIVES obesity.

When you have chronic inflammation in your body and problems with your metabolism…

You’ll often end up with quite a few different problems.

In a study that was published in the Journal of Dental Research.

They found that excessive inflammation increases a specific type of cell called MDSCs that break down bone tissue.

The study, completed in an animal model and published in October in the Journal of Dental Research, found that excessive inflammation resulting from obesity raises the number of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC), a group of immune cells that increase during illness to regulate immune function. MDSCs, which originate in the bone marrow, develop into a range of different cell types, including osteoclasts (a cell that breaks down bone tissue).

Now remember that excessive internal inflammation can both cause obesity and be caused by obesity.

It’s quite a cycle.

When MDSC (myeloid-derived suppressor cells) are raised they can cause problems with gum disease.

Bone loss is a major symptom of gum disease and may ultimately lead to tooth loss. Also known as periodontal disease, gum disease affects more than 47% of adults 30 years and older, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And gum disease can then cause problems with your heart.

In this study what they found was the thing that drove the inflammation in the first place was a high fat diet.

The investigation found that the high-fat diet group experienced obesity, more inflammation and a greater increase of MDSCs in the bone marrow and spleen compared to the low-fat diet group. The high-fat diet group also developed a significantly larger number of osteoclasts and lost more alveolar bone (the bone that holds teeth in place).

A high fat diet is incredibly bad for your body. Especially if you’re consuming a lot of PUFA fats.

It throws off inflammation like crazy and hurts your metabolism.

Which works to cause obesity, create more inflammation and then create problems with your gums and your heart.

Do you see how all of this works together and all of it has a common cause?

The giant diet industry isn’t going to tell you this and your doctors probably don’t know about this connection.

But ultimately, if you can start to fix what you eat…

Then you can begin to reverse the state where your body is having lots of inflammation and major metabolic issues.

That’s not a diet. Diets almost always do more harm than good.

It’s taking control of your health by taking control of what you eat.

I’ve seen lots of men completely turn their health around by doing this.

It’s possible that you can too.

—-Important Message About Replacing Fat with Muscle—-

This “breathe the fat out” trick burns an extra 800 calories a day while you sit on the couch

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How does it work? It’s called mitochondrial uncoupling.

And it converts excess calories and fat directly into heat and carbon dioxide.

So instead of having to do wearying tedious exercise to get rid of fat, the fat simply burns off on its own…

In fact, Big Pharma is excited about it and researching this intensively:

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It’s like you become a raging inferno…you feel warmer and the fat is burned off steadily and completely.

And you naturally start building more lean muscle mass without working out.

Here’s how to use the mitochondrial uncoupling “breathe the fat out” trick to naturally get more lean muscle mass


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