Why aren’t doctors recommending this superfood?

It lowers estrogen…it normalizes blood sugar…it raises T…and yet…

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Why aren’t doctors recommending this superfood?

Many people have heard about the health benefits of exotic and often expensive mushrooms.

But there are also huge benefits to the edible mushrooms found in most stores.

White button mushrooms can lower the risk of cancer.

When properly prepared they can lower inflammation, improve gut health, and metabolic factors.

White button mushrooms may even lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

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These animal experiments were carried out at the Center for Plant and Food Science, College of Health and Science, University of Western Sydney, Penrith South, Australia. The results were published in Nutrition Research.

Common edible mushrooms are full of beneficial compounds.

“White button mushroom contains high levels of dietary fibers and antioxidants including vitamin C, D, and B12; folates; and polyphenols.”

Many of these nutrients could protect against metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

“The nutrients in white button mushrooms may provide beneficial effects on cardiovascular and diabetic diseases.”

This research first looked at the effect of mushrooms on a high cholesterol diet.

“We examined the hypothesis that mushrooms regulate anticholesterolemic responses in rats fed a high cholesterol diet.”

Then in another experiment the researchers tested the effects of mushrooms on blood sugar in diabetic rats.

“We examined the effect of mushrooms on antiglycemic responses in rats with type 2 diabetes.”

Both groups of rats were given supplements of freeze-dried white button mushrooms.

“200 mg of mushroom powder per kilogram of bodyweight was administered to the rats.”

The researchers then compared blood tests of those animals to sick and healthy animals.

White button mushrooms were effective in lowering blood sugar in the diabetic animals.

“Diabetic rats fed the mushroom powder had significantly reduced plasma glucose.”

Mushroom supplementation decreased blood sugar by almost 25%.

The treatment also brought down levels of triglycerides in the diabetic rats.

“Diabetic rats fed mushroom powder for three weeks had significantly reduced triglyceride concentrations.”

Mushroom supplementation decreases triglycerides by nearly 40% in diabetic rats.

The supplement regimen also improved markers of liver health in diabetic animals.

“Liver enzymes and liver weight gain were reduced.”

The researchers found that white button mushrooms had significant blood sugar lowering effects.

“It was concluded that white button mushroom had hypoglycemic activity.”

The mushrooms had similar effects on the rats fed the high cholesterol diet.

Total cholesterol was decreased by nearly 23% with mushroom supplementation.

“Four weeks of mushroom supplementation resulted in a 22.8% decrease in total cholesterol.”

Mushroom supplementation decreased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol by one-third.

“Four weeks of white button mushroom supplementation resulted in a 33.1% decrease in low-density lipoprotein.”

There was also a decrease of cholesterol buildup in the livers of the animals supplemented with mushrooms.

“A similar decrease in liver cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations were observed.”

Many human studies have shown that people who eat more mushrooms have much better health.

But the reasons for many of the health benefits of mushrooms are not yet known.

We do know that raw mushrooms are actually harmful for humans.

Even edible mushrooms need to be very well-cooked before they are eaten by humans.

These mushrooms contain a toxin that can cause severe damage to the liver over time.

This toxin is known as agaratine. It’s removed by evaporation.

Some mushrooms should be boiled for a long period in an open pot with adequate ventilation.

Prior studies have shown that properly prepared mushrooms can protect the brain, decrease body fat, improve insulin sensitivity, and lower the risk of cancer.

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White button mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) lowers blood glucose and cholesterol levels in diabetic and hypercholesterolemic ratshttps://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S027153170900253X?via%3Dihub