What’s Your ADAM Score? (Important)

What’s Your ADAM Score? (Important)

Men with a high ADAM score are at an increased risk of having erectile dysfunction… how do you stack up?

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What’s Your ADAM Score?

Androgens are the hormones that are responsible for male characteristics.

They are largely responsible for sexual performance, higher muscle mass, and lower body fat.

Androgens also play a large role in the brain.

They have potent effects on focus, mood, and energy.

But for some men, androgens decline rapidly with age.

Sleep and stress are two lifestyle factors that have a huge effect on androgens.

Correlations of Self-Reported Androgen Deficiency in Ageing Males (ADAM) with Stress and Sleep among Young Adult Males

The Health Sciences Center, West Virginia University coordinated this human research. The journal Healthcare published the results.

At one time, scientists thought low androgens only affected older men.

“Androgen deficiency in males has traditionally been predominantly limited to older men aged 50+ years.”

These researchers wanted to find out the effects of lifestyle on androgen levels.

“However, little is known of the correlation between hormonal disruption, stress, and sleep in college-aged males.”

They included over 400 young men in this study.

“A survey of 409 male students, as part of a larger USDA-funded study, was analyzed for this subproject.”

The study used a number of different questionnaires.

The first questionnaire looks for symptoms of androgen deficiency.

“Survey instruments used include the Androgen Deficiency in the Aging Male Questionnaire (ADAM).”

This looks at sex drive, energy, strength, mood, erections, and work performance…

And these are all clues of androgen abnormalities.

The other two questionnaires assessed sleep quality and psychological stress.

The researchers used the industry standard questionnaires.

“We used the Perceived Stress Scale to measure stress levels and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index to evaluate sleep quality.”

And from this, they flagged over one-third of the men as potentially having androgen deficiency.

“144 male participants (35%) met the criteria for potential androgen deficiency defined by the ADAM questionnaire.”

The men who reported poor sleep quality were more likely to also have symptoms of androgen deficiency.

A higher ADAM score means an increased risk of androgen deficiency.

“Correlation was found between having a positive ADAM score and poor sleep quality.”

The researchers found that psychological stress is an even greater risk for androgen deficiency symptoms.

“Correlation was found between having a positive ADAM score, increased stress and poor sleep quality, with stress displaying the strongest effect.”

The study shows that it is not only age that affects androgen levels.

“These findings highlight the need for investigation of lifestyle endocrine disruptions, even in young men.”

The results are relevant to men of all ages.

“The rise of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome, is changing long-held assumptions about hormonal disruptions.”

Androgen deficiency (AKA hypogonadism) is closely tied to the most common chronic diseases affecting men.

“Male hypogonadism has been found to positively correlate with all three of these comorbid conditions.”

Supplementing androgenic steroids such as testosterone has been shown to improve many of these chronic diseases – provided the supplementation is properly managed.

But for many men, simply making lifestyle changes can be effective.

There is an epidemic of inadequate sleep, particularly in the United States.

“Only approximately a third of college students reporting good sleep quality using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.”

Older people have even worse sleep quality.

Taking measures to improve sleep quality and duration can have huge benefits on all aspects of your life.

Testosterone and sleep are deeply connected.

“The observed connection between hypogonadism and sleep appears logical given the established role of testosterone in REM sleep cycles”

When it comes to lifestyle factors, we also know that we can protect ourselves with stress reduction.

Sleep and stress are intricately linked.

“Decreased sleep quality itself may lead to increased stress levels.”

For many people, improving sleep and lowering stress are the low-hanging fruit that can massively improve wellbeing.

You should consult a healthcare professional about treating and diagnosing health problems.

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