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What you never knew about getting bigger down there

It is reversible!

Testosterone has many effects on male health — the brain, cardiovascular system, and sexual organs all require testosterone to function properly.

There is quite a lot of research on the effect of testosterone levels on poor rockiness.

What many people don’t know is that low testosterone actually shrinks the penis.

More importantly — testosterone supplementation can increase penis size back to its former size.

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These experiments were carried out at Jeju National University in South Korea. The results were published in the International Journal of Impotence Research.

Low testosterone is well known to cause bad erections and other male sexual problems.

Research has even shown that low testosterone can cause physical changes to the structure of the penis.

“Short periods of testosterone suppression have been shown to reduce trabecular smooth muscle content and increase interstitial connective tissue accumulation in animal models.” 

This is also known as fibrosis — and it looks like the penis is dying.

These animal experiments were designed to learn more about the effects of low testosterone on the penis — and whether the effects are reversible with testosterone replacement.

“The long-term effects of testosterone suppression remain unclear. So we evaluated the long-term effects of testosterone suppression on penile structure and ‘penile’ function in rats.”

Hormones in youth and at puberty can affect the penis — some of those effects are irreversible.

But this study looked at changes in adults — they used fully grown adult rats.

The researchers’ experiments on 60 rats split into six groups of 10.

Some rats had their testicles removed.

Testicles are the main source of testosterone.

Some of these rats had testosterone replacement later.

Other rats had neither testicle removal nor testosterone replacement.

Removal of the testicles led to low testosterone and poor erections — no surprise there.

Castration and low testosterone also led to shrinking of the penis.

“Testosterone, penis length and girth, and cavernosal smooth muscle content decreased significantly in castrated animals.”

Healthy rats had an average penis length of 4.4cm.

After castration, the low-T penis was 25% smaller.

“Penile length and girth were significantly reduced after castration (3.3cm).”

Those results show just how much of an effect low testosterone can have on the size of the adult penis.

Now, some of the castrated rats had testosterone replacement.

But the researchers did not put the animals on testosterone immediately after they were castrated. They waited for eight weeks.

The penis shrank by about 25% over this eight week low testosterone period.

Then the researchers gave these rats supplemental testosterone.

With testosterone supplementation the penis regained its former length and girth. 

In fact, they were just slightly larger.

“Penile length and girth returned to control levels (4.48 cm) after testosterone replacement.”

Yes it’s true, the adult penis can shrink over the course of a lifetime if testosterone is low.

But normalizing testosterone levels can fix the problem.

Testosterone supplementation also fixed the other sexual problems in the castrated rats.

“‘Penile’ function was normalized over 4 weeks in rats that received androgen replacement.”

It also didn’t seem to matter how long the animals were testosterone deficient for — testosterone still fixed the problems.

“These results were consistently observed regardless of the duration of testosterone deprivation.”

Low testosterone causes major changes to the size and structure of penis — but these changes can be reversed.

“Long-term testosterone deprivation does not induce irreversible structural or ‘penile’ functional changes in sexually mature adult male rats.”

You see why I stress the importance of optimizing testosterone levels?

A lot can be done with some simple diet and lifestyle changes.

If you feel you need testosterone supplementation, you should speak to a healthcare professional about this and make sure that testosterone and estrogen levels are regularly monitored.

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The effects of testosterone replacement on penile structure and erectile function after long-term castration in adult male rats