What really causes diabetes may finally be explained

One of the big mysteries of life is why some people get diabetes, and some don’t.

Medicine has an obsession with weight.

So they say that the epidemic of diabetes today is caused by the epidemic of obesity today.

But many fat people don’t have diabetes.

And many thin people do have diabetes.

The cause of diabetes is related to inflammation

Every diabetic person is inflamed inside.

Chronic internal inflammation is the underlying cause of diabetes.

But what causes the actual blood sugar problems?

I think the answer as to what causes diabetes also reveals what fixes diabetes.

In this newsletter, I want to explore the actual, real cause of blood sugar issues that we call type II diabetes.

If we know the real cause, we can then figure out the real cure.

Could diabetes be caused by free fatty acids in the body?

In this very important study, they induced a temporary state of diabetes by giving experimental subjects free fatty acids.

And they monitored what was going on using very advanced MRI techniques.

It’s pretty well-established now with this and other similar experiments that when they release fatty acids in your blood, you develop a temporary state of insulin resistance.

This study confirms it.

As the researchers conclude:

elevation in plasma free fatty acid concentration causes insulin resistance

Diabetes is not a blood sugar disorder

What this and other studies show, is that diabetes is a cellular disorder. The cells are unable to use glucose as their energy source.

So instead of taking up the glucose in your blood, the cells let the glucose stay there in your blood. And that raises your blood sugar.

Blood sugar is not the cause of diabetes.

Free fatty acids are.

It is quite easy to cause anybody to get diabetes temporarily, simply by increasing the free fatty acids in their blood.

Diabetics have too much free fatty acids, especially omega six fatty acids

This is yet another reason not to consume vegetable oil.

As the epidemic of diabetes has increased, the epidemic of increased consumption of in omega six fatty acids has increased.

Sugar consumption has been declining, but vegetable oil consumption has been increasing.

And that’s why we have so much diabetes.

At last, the cause of diabetes has been found, and the cure is right around the corner

No, it’s not a drug, it’s a combination of some lifestyle changes that reduce the levels of free fatty acids in your blood and in your body, and get the cells back to using glucose for energy, rather than just fat.

Diabetics cells are maladapted to only burn fat, rather than sugar.

Restoring the sugar ability of all cells, will fix diabetes.



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