What longer telomeres mean for men’s lifespan

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What’s the truth: do longer telomeres lead to a longer life? Should you be lengthening yours?

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What longer telomeres mean for men’s lifespan

Chromosomes are long strands of DNA that contain all of our genetic information.

At the ends of these long strands of DNA are structures called telomeres.

Telomeres have been described as caps on the end of the chromosome — sort of like the end of a lace — which helps prevent the chromosome from becoming unraveled.

Longer telomeres are associated with longer life — and this has led some people to conclude that longer telomeres increase longevity.

Logically, by protecting or elongating telomeres, they say we could live longer.

But many of the experiments testing these theories found that rather than living longer, animals with artificially lengthened telomeres are more likely to develop cancer.

In a human study, which looked at very old people, researchers found that low levels of inflammation were far better predictors of longevity.

Over the next few years, the marketing of telomere extending therapies will probably increase…

But it won’t change the fact that your best bet to live a long and healthy life is to keep metabolism high and inflammation low.

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The human research was carried out at the Centre for Supercentenarian Research, Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo, Japan.

The findings were published in EBioMedicine.

This research gathered information from people who were at least 85 years old — and some of whom were over 105 years old.

The information was assessed to see what factors were associated with extreme old age and successful aging.

What makes you live longer — and what makes you more functional when you’re older?

The researchers looked at numerous different factors which have been claimed to influence longevity and healthy aging.

“We assessed multiple biomarkers including blood parameters, inflammation, lipid and blood sugar metabolism, liver function, kidney function and cellular senescence.”

Along with these more traditional measurements — the researchers analyzed the current hype in aging — telomere length.

They found that people with lower inflammation were more capable of looking after themselves at extreme old age.

Inflammation was also tied to mental function.

“Inflammation had a predictive capability on cognition in those over 105 years old greater than chronological age or gender.”

Very old people were more likely to pass away if they had high inflammation.

“Inflammation predicted death in the very old and semi-supercentenarians (105-109 yrs) better than chronological age or gender.”

The researchers carried out similar tests on the children of some of these very old people.

They found that their children had lower inflammation too.

Children of centenarians are more likely to live long lives than the average person.

“Inflammation was also lower in children of centenarians compared to age matched controls.”

They found the usual relationship between telomere length and age.

But longer telomeres were not associated with healthier aging.

“Centenarians (100 years plus) and their offspring were able to maintain long telomeres, but telomere length was not a predictor of successful aging in people of 100 to 109 years.”

And while older people have longer telomeres — low inflammation is a much better predictor of old age.

Keeping inflammation low was also strongly tied to healthy aging — maintaining bodily function and mental capacity even past 100 years old.

“We conclude that inflammation is an important malleable driver of aging up to extreme old age in humans.”

The association between long telomeres and longer life has caused much confusion in the scientific community.

Many have assumed that long telomeres lead to a longer life — but this is not proven.

Worse still, a number of experiments have shown that longer telomeres may significantly increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

For example, in another paper published in Human Molecular Genetics, researchers found that longer telomeres may increase the risk of lung cancer.

“Our findings suggest that longer telomeres increase lung adenocarcinoma risk.”

Numerous animal studies have pointed in the same direction.

So if you ask me, telomeres are all hype…

And anyone trying to sell you on telomeres is probably lying to you.

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