What I’m doing for a bigger thicker member

This is the only thing that’s ever worked for me…

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—-Important Message for Men Looking for More Size—-

Here’s what I’m doing for a bigger, thicker member

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Men write to me all the time asking if it’s really possible to make themselves a little bigger and thicker down there…

They’re curious about the pumps, the jelqing techniques, the supplements they’ve seen…

…but I tell them that none of those things really work…

The only thing I’ve found to really make a noticeable difference is a natural little formula that I mix up and apply directly to my package…

I just paint it on and watch it grow…


DHEA may help reverse aging symptoms

Do you think it’s strange that some people contract viral infections while others seem to have natural immunity?

And even when somebody does turn up positive for having a virus may have absolutely no symptoms…

That same virus might kill another person.

Most viruses are much more dangerous for older people or those with certain underlying health conditions.

Aging is associated with the loss of immune function.

Older people are less likely to be able to muster a strong defense against viruses.

But it is not simply the passing of time which opens us up to severe disease. 

Some of the most important factors which decrease immunity in older people can be reversed.

The “youth associated hormone” DHEA is one of these immune factors.

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These animal experiments were carried out at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. The findings were published in The Journal of Medical Virology.

DHEA is an important hormone. It’s one which is found in abundance in younger people.

Levels of DHEA decrease with every decade of life after the age of 20.

This hormone has a potent anti-inflammatory effect. It also serves as the raw material for other helpful hormones like testosterone and DHT.

Another important aspect of DHEA is that it balances stress hormones like cortisol – cortisol is known to suppress immune function.

In this series of experiments, researchers infected mice with a number of different viruses. These viruses are highly lethal to mice.

Some groups of mice were given DHEA in their food over a period of days or weeks.

Other mice were given a single injected dose of the hormone.

“DHEA was active either by long-term feeding or by a single subcutaneous injection.”

The researchers found that the animals had a much greater chance of survival if they had been given DHEA.

“A significant protective effect of DHEA was demonstrated in studies of two lethal viral infection models in mice: systemic coxsackievirus B4 and herpes simplex type 2 encephalitis.”

Oral DHEA increased survival from coxsackievirus 4 fold.

Oral DHEA increased survival from herpesvirus 5 fold.

DHEA injection increased survival from coxsackievirus 6 fold.

DHEA injection prevented all deaths in mice given lethal herpesvirus.

Otherwies 88% of the mice with that virus die.

The researchers were astonished at just how effective the DHEA could be at boosting viral immunity.

They later carried out detailed research on immune function in all of the animals.

They found that DHEA works by preventing suppression of the immune system by other hormones.

“DHEA functions by maintaining or potentiating the immune competence of mice otherwise depressed by viral infection.”

The difference in immune function seen with DHEA is very similar to the difference we see between young healthy people and older people with underlying conditions.

It may be that immunity is boosted by DHEA…

…simply because it acts against other hormones, like cortisol, which depresses our natural immunity.

Cortisol increases with age and stress. Many viruses also trigger an increase in cortisol levels.

“Studies by others suggest that DHEA may counteract stress related immune suppression effects of cortisol and other glucocorticoids stimulated by a viral infection.”

DHEA is an over-the-counter supplement in most countries. It’s relatively safe when taken properly.

But large doses of DHEA taken orally can increase estrogen and would have the opposite effect – suppressing immunity.

It’s important to use the correct protocol when taking DHEA.

“DHEA is a native steroid that has been used with minimal side effects, the utility of DHEA in the modulation of viral infections deserves intensive study.”

You should always consult your practitioner about treating and diagnosing health related problems.

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Protection against acute let coxsackievirus hal viral infections with the native steroid dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/2974468/