What Harvard doctors are using to get really rocky

Hint: it’s not blue or yellow tablets…

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What do these Harvard doctors use when they want to get erections on a moment’s notice?

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Here’s a clue: it’s not blue or yellow tablets…

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Dietary fibers causing cancer? 

Decades ago, some researchers made a link between dietary fiber and chronic health conditions…

…including cardiovascular disease and cancer.

They found that eating more fiber may improve health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems.

This simple idea was pounced on by agricultural corporations looking to get rid of waste products (fibers) which people were not interested in eating.

All this led to a commonly held belief that simply eating more fiber is good for your health.

The truth is that some types of fiber are good for your health – but fiber is a very large category…

…and many fibers are very, very bad for your health.

Researchers recently discovered that a commonly used supplemental fiber called inulin can cause liver cancer.

Inulin is found naturally in foods like onions, and is probably harmless or beneficial in the small amounts found in foods.

But taking massive amounts of unnatural, supplemental fibers can really upset things in the gut…

…leading to bacterial overgrowth, which has long been known to cause various cancers.

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The animal experiments were performed at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences in Toledo, OH. The paper was published in Cell.

The authors of this study were working on the idea that consuming certain fibers leads to the bacterial production of beneficial fats…

…and that these fats can improve metabolic problems.

“Soluble fibers are fermented by gut bacteria into short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), which are considered broadly health-promoting; such fibers can ameliorate metabolic syndrome.”

The researchers carried out some experiments giving supplemental inulin fiber to different groups of mice.

They found that supplemental inulin could trigger liver cancer.

“However, incorporating soluble fiber inulin, but not insoluble fiber, into a compositionally defined diet, induced liver cancer.”

They further experimented with different groups of mice.

Mice with different types of bacteria in the gut – and some mice with almost no bacteria at all in their gut.

Those experiments showed that the cancer-causing effects of inulin fiber were dependent on certain types of gut bacteria.

When mice had no gut bacteria, or when they were treated with antibiotics, the inulin fiber did not lead to cancer.

“Liver cancer was bacteria dependent and observed in multiple strains of dysbiotic mice but not in germ-free nor antibiotics-treated mice.”

The researchers also found that the addition of a high-fat diet to insulin supplementation was an even greater trigger for liver cancer in animals with normal gut bacteria.

The high-fat diet helped to alter populations of gut bacteria which then seized upon the extra inulin…

…leading to an increase in cancer-causing bacterial populations.

“Consumption of an inulin-enriched high-fat diet induced both dysbiosis and liver cancer in normal mice.”

The researchers tracked various pathological changes in the liver until eventually the livers became cancerous.

“Inulin-induced liver cancer progressed via early onset of cholestasis, hepatocyte death, followed by neutrophilic inflammation in liver.”

Scientists used substances to prevent bacteria from using the inulin fiber as food.

This prevented the increase in fatty acid production by these bacteria – and this also prevented the onset of liver cancer.

This shows quite clearly that it is the activity of bacteria – triggered by fiber – which is leading to liver cancer.

“Pharmacologic inhibition of fermentation or depletion of fermenting bacteria markedly reduced intestinal fatty acids and prevented liver cancer.”

Certain fibers can be very good for your health.

Well-cooked mushrooms or ripe, fresh fruit both promote healthy gut bacteria.

But the common idea that simply increasing any type of fiber is good for your health is extremely dangerous.

More often than not, consuming supplemental fiber will cause you more harm than good.

“Thus, its benefits notwithstanding, enrichment of foods with fermentable fiber should be approached with great caution as it may increase risk of liver cancer.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatments.

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