What are ultra-processed foods, and why avoid them?

Ultra-Processed food

And you won’t find this toxic additive on foods label unless you know where to look…

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Food Warning to Men: I found this additive in virtually all foods in the US food supply

For the first time ever, I’m blowing the lid of this well kept secret…

…how virtually every food is intentionally contaminated with a toxic chemical that radically increases cancer, heart disease…even erectile dysfunction…

You won’t find this ingredient listed on food labels unless you know where to look and how to read the label…

It’s the most dangerous additive and you should avoid ANY food that has it…

But since it’s in virtually all foods…even healthy, organic foods…even foods you cook at home…

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What Are Ultra-Processed Foods and Why Avoid Them?

In today’s newsletter, we discuss a huge food danger that may be the reason you are not losing belly fat the way you want to.

And why many men have erection problems… It’s due to this ultra-processed food problem.

So to get there, allow me to discuss a study that actually will tie right in…

Humans are geared toward taking the easy way – the way that requires the LEAST amount of effort.

In a study on this “easy way” bias, they gave volunteers two levers to pull based on an optical illusion.

One lever was weighted as slightly heavier than the other – although the weight difference was below most people’s conscious perception.

“…the volunteers biased their decisions away from the direction that would require the most effort. If the right-hand lever was heavier, the volunteers decided that dots with ambiguous motion were moving to the left… Those for whom the left-hand lever was heavier felt that the same dots were moving to the right.”

The participants in this study consistently chose the lever that was easier to move – even when they weren’t aware of it.

They also chose the “easier” way when they were asked to SAY their answers instead of pulling the lever.

“The participants showed this bias despite failing to notice that the levers had different weights. Moreover, they continued to show the bias even when subsequently asked to simply say their answers rather than use the levers.”

The American food industry (and the packaged “food” industries of most other countries) takes full advantage of this “easy way” bias…

And they end up making us sick with chronic diseases by making and marketing “ultra-processed” foods that take advantage of this human mental bias.

What are ultra-processed foods?

Unfortunately, a huge portion of our food supply is in the “ultra-processed” category.

These things are marketed as foods that “are made entirely or mostly from substances extracted from foods.”

“As classified by the NOVA Food Classification System developed at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, ‘ultra-processed food and beverages’ is the fourth and final group of foods that are ‘industrial formulations made entirely or mostly from substances extracted from foods (oils, fats, sugar, starch and proteins).’ They are derived from hydrogenated fats and modified starch, and are synthesized in laboratories.”

The problem is that these ultra-processed foods taste good to most people and they hit our natural human tendency of liking things the “easy way.”

Which means that, unless we make alternative plans, we eat a LOT of this kind of food that makes us sick.

How much of the US food supply is ultra-processed?

A mind-blowing amount of the US food supply is considered “ultra-processed” with 71% of common products like bread, salad dressings, and snack foods hitting this mark.

“The scientists analyzed 230,156 products and, using the NOVA classification system, and found 71% of products such as bread, salad dressings, snack foods, sweets, sugary drinks, and more were ultra-processed.”

Manufactured foods or things that come in boxes and in the frozen section of the supermarket are particularly bad…

86% of the top manufacturers’ foods in this category are “ultra-processed.”

“Among the top 25 manufacturers by sales volume, 86% of products were classified as ultra-processed.”

Ultra-processed foods make you sick…

When most of the grocery store is made up of foods that “are industrial formulations made entirely or mostly from substances extracted from foods (oils, fats, sugar, starch and proteins)”…

…it’s no wonder that our bodies end up with chronic illnesses.

Our bodies need real food to do well and fight the inflammation that a high-fat diet brought on by “substances extracted from foods” can cause.

What to do instead

The good news is that this is easy to fix.

Start substituting boxed and packaged foods for minimally processed foods, like ripe fruits and well-cooked veggies.

You don’t even have to do it all at once. Just doing a bit at a time can make a huge difference in your health.

The other big thing is to realize that Big Food doesn’t care about your health any more than Big Pharma does.

They are there to make a profit and they will market you “easy way” foods if it sells more – even if it is terrible for you.

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