WARNING: This super-common pain reliever lowers testosterone

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WARNING: This super-common pain reliever lowers testosterone

Ibuprofen is a common pain-killing medication.

Sold under trade names such as Advil, it among the top 50 most prescribed medicines in the United States.

Ibuprofen is cheap and available over the counter in most countries.

On the market since the 1960s, many people believe that ibuprofen is relatively harmless.

But this treatment causes many overdoses.

And studies link it to heart failure, kidney failure, and liver failure.

Some animal experiments also show that it has negative effects on male reproductive function.

A recent review found that ibuprofen consistently lowers markers of male fertility.

Ibuprofen damaged all measures of sperm quality… And it also affected testosterone!

This was a review of animal studies and one human study conducted at the University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan. The First International Journal of Andrology – Andrologia published the results.

People commonly use ibuprofen for pain relief.

We use it for headaches, dental pain, and arthritis – among other things.

“Ibuprofen is a widely used analgesic/antipyretic medication belongs to the nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory class.”

Some studies have looked at the effect of ibuprofen on semen quality and fertility in male animals and men.

“The influence of ibuprofen and semen quality has been investigated on various occasions.”

But until now, nobody has tied together all of the best information on this subject.

“However, the comprehensive understanding and discussion of ibuprofen’s impact on semen quality is still yet to be determined.”

The scientists searched through medical databases looking for the best research on ibuprofen and male fertility.

“We systematically review and reveal the effect of ibuprofen on semen quality…”

They compiled the best research published between 1986 and late 2018.

Most of the studies were in animals, but they also found one human study.

“We searched the databases from 1986 through 13 October 2018 for articles and abstracts using the keywords ‘ibuprofen’ versus ‘semen’ and ‘sperm.’”

The animal studies showed a very consistent and worrying trend.

Again and again, the researchers found studies showing a detrimental effect of ibuprofen on sperm quality.

“The main stream of research presents an adverse effect of ibuprofen on different sperm parameters.”

Male fertility markers are the canary in the coalmine… They indicate the state of health of the whole body.

The results are important for all men – not just those wishing to have children in the future.

Ibuprofen altered sperm motility, viability, sperm count, sperm morphology, and sperm DNA integrity…

All of the most important factors determining fertility.

The detrimental effects on the male reproductive system occurred found even at low doses.

“We found adverse effects of ibuprofen on almost all sperm parameters, including motility, viability, count, morphology and DNA integrity.”

A number of studies have shown that ibuprofen can cause a significant decrease in the male hormone testosterone.

“Ibuprofen has been found to decrease the production of testosterone.”

Low testosterone can cause apathy and depression.

Testosterone deficiency is strongly tied to obesity and type 2 diabetes in men.

The researchers believe that the testosterone-lowering effect of ibuprofen may be causing the negative effects on fertility.

“Mechanisms by which ibuprofen affects semen quality may be by reducing testosterone.”

The review also revealed other potential mechanisms by which ibuprofen could lower fertility.

It seems this medication has a number of detrimental effects on the male reproductive system.

“Other effects on semen quality may be from altered prostaglandin synthesis, chelating zinc ions, and inhibiting nitric oxide synthase.”

The researchers called for better research into the effects of ibuprofen on fertility in men.

“Further research studies are of great importance to disclose the effect of ibuprofen and semen quality and sperm physiology.”

There has been quite a long history of pain medications being released without being properly tested.

Another common pain-killing medication, acetaminophen, seems to have many of the same detrimental effects as ibuprofen.

Aspirin seems to be a safer option for the reproductive system and other organs.

(Though long-term, high-dose aspirin use can cause other problems.)

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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