Warning: these 2 everyday items become toxic when combined

Shirtless Young Man Putting on Sunscreen Cream

Some men are using these substances once, even twice a day…

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Warning: these 2 everyday items become toxic when combined

There are a TON of products that we use pretty close to every day that we can and do absorb “bad stuff” from.

Plastics are a big culprit because they leach hormone-mimicking chemicals into our food supplies.

Another huge problem are the so-called “good” polyunsaturated fatty acids that cause chronic inflammation in our bodies.

But these products aren’t the only culprit…

In the last few decades, the use of sunscreen and insect repellent has increased tremendously, and the combination of the two can be particularly toxic.

Increased awareness of skin cancer and mosquito-transmitted diseases has increased use of insect repellents and sunscreens.

What most people don’t know is that the chemicals in these everyday consumer products can be absorbed through our skin.

It’s not well advertised, but it’s way more common than most people think and can lead to long term systemic health problems.

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People like the convenience of protection from sunburns and insects that sunscreen and insect repellent provide.

It’s a lot easier and cooler than wearing protective clothing.

But it may not always be the BEST idea, because while using these products individually can cause chemical absorption, using them together can be even worse.

The challenge in setting recommendations for use and reapplication, especially when used concomitantly, lies in finding the balance between applying a durable product effective in withstanding natural and physical factors such as water, sweat, temperature and abrasion, while limiting percutaneous absorption and decreasing risk of potential dermal and systemic toxicity.

This is especially true when using DEET and sunscreen together.

The combination makes your body absorb the chemicals of both products at a faster rate, and creates higher levels of toxicity than either product alone!

Combined use of DEET and sunscreen results in significantly higher absorption of both compounds.

If you use both of these products on a regular basis, you may want to consider switching either your sunscreen or your insect repellent or both.

Picaridin-based insect repellents are believed to be less toxic and have less interaction with sunscreen than the more common DEET-based products.

An alternative to N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET), the traditional gold standard compound in insect repellents, picaridin appears as efficacious, has lower risk of toxicity, and when used simultaneously with sunscreen may decrease percutaneous absorption of both compounds. 

You can also choose inorganic sunscreens.

These types of sunscreens are less common, but also far less toxic.

Inorganic filters reflect and scatter UV radiation. Examples include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Inorganic sunscreens are typically less irritating to skin.

If you choose zinc oxide or titanium dioxide-based sunscreens, then they aren’t likely to cause chemical absorption through your skin.

Inorganic sunscreens show no or little percutaneous absorption or toxic effects in comparison to organic sunscreens, which show varying levels of dermal penetration and cutaneous adverse effects.

It’s also important to get some sun exposure without the use of sunscreens so that your body can produce Vitamin D from the sun.

The bottom line here is that It’s just as important to pay attention to the regular consumer products we consume and put on our bodies as it is to pay attention to Big Pharma’s treatments.

Your skin can and does absorb the chemical components of the products you put on it and that can have adverse health effects.

It’s definitely a case of buyer beware in order to take good care of your health.

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