Warning signs of a stroke – PLEASE READ

Warning signs of a stroke - PLEASE READ

Men with the worst symptoms – are getting the best results…

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Warning signs of a stroke – PLEASE READ

Losing memory and brain function as we get older is as terrifying to think about as the scariest horror movie.

It’s a fear that guys tell me about all the time. I can’t blame them.

Who wants to deal with losing their brain and becoming dependent on others? It’s rough.

And, when it comes to aging brains, lots of people think of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease…

Stroke is just as big of a threat.

But now, strokes have a new enemy – an endovascular technique that can bust blood clots in the brain in a minimally invasive way.

I don’t wish a stroke on anyone, of course.

But if you or your loved ones do have a stroke, these new techniques could minimize the long-term effects of a stroke and keep you (or them) healthy longer.

New techniques are saving the health of stroke victims…

Strokes can kill you, which is terrifying enough.

But what’s even scarier is that a stroke can leave you disabled for the rest of your life.

There used to be almost nothing you could do if you had a stroke.

But in the last couple of decades, medicine has come a long way in preventing strokes from doing lasting damage.

“Cerebral vascular insufficiency (not enough blood flow to the brain) increases the risk of stroke and is a major cause of neurologic death and disability worldwide.”

These new techniques include endovascular surgery…

It has the amazing ability to remove stroke clots before they cause permanent damage!

So if you or a loved one is having a stroke, it’s important to know these techniques exist.

“Historically, the introduction of operating microscopes enabled surgeons to perform delicate microsurgeries to clear clogged arteries and remove blood clots that cause strokes. More recently, physicians have begun using minimally invasive endovascular techniques.”

And, since nobody wants their head cracked open, endovascular techniques – which rely on super-thin tubes to break up the clots – are an amazing advancement.

Because they are minimally invasive techniques.

“Endovascular techniques do not require invasive open surgery.”

These techniques are very similar to the ones used for heart patients – but on a much smaller scale, because the vascular system in the brain is very delicate.

“Techniques and procedures used to improve blood flow to the brain are similar to those used in heart procedures.”

Stop stroke in its tracks…

While the best thing you can do is to work to prevent strokes before they happen (more on that in a bit), sometimes that just isn’t possible.

So these new techniques can offer hope to actually stop a stroke before it does major damage.

“Modern endovascular techniques can, in effect, stop a stroke in its tracks by removing blockages.”

And, interestingly, people with the worst symptoms are getting the best results.

“Patients with the largest blockages and most devastating strokes are deriving the greatest benefits…”

“Seven clinical trials have shown that endovascular techniques restore significant function in these patients…”

So if you have symptoms of a stroke, your best bet is to get to a good hospital right away so the docs can minimize any damage.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…

As exciting as all of this new stroke-busting technology is, a far better path is to prevent health episodes in the first place as much as you possibly can.

And just so you know…here are the signs of a stroke:

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