Vietnamese ancients ate this one food to get strong “rockiness”

We know what the food is. It’s been tested… and now you can try it too!

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Vietnam vet discovers ancient jungle food that gives men INTENSE “rockiness”

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He found it deep in the jungles of the Kontum region when he was fighting there.

And he noticed that whenever he ate this food, he got huge engorged erections and could last for hours.

Now today at quite an old age, he’s still using it to perform like a young man in bed.

Here it is — this strange Vietnamese secret found in the jungle…


What junk food does to your brain

Sometimes people ask me why I give such specific instructions in my courses on what guys should eat to get to optimal sexual health and fantastic overall health. 

It’s because food is SO important to mood, health, and sexual function. 

If you eat crappy things, you’re going to get really cruddy results with your health.

That being said, a ton of the advice out there from fitness “gurus” about food is just plain wrong.

In fact, it’s so wrong that it’s dangerous. (The KETO diet, for example, is a health disaster.)

And that’s a shame. Because, when you eat right, it can be a HUGE benefit to your health.

So that’s why I teach about food so much. 

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And in this article I’m going to tell you another dirty little secret about food and how food can dramatically affect your mood – in really terrible ways.

The link between junk food and psychological distress

The saying goes “you are what you eat.” 

But it’s not just your physical body… 

What you eat also affects your mood and emotional state. 

This study shows a strong link between unhealthy food and psychological disorders such as depression.

“The study revealed that Californian adults who consumed more unhealthy food were also more likely to report symptoms of either moderate or severe psychological distress than their peers who consume a healthier diet.”

I do look at studies done on small populations, but I prefer ones that have a lot of participants. 

There were A LOT of people in this study.

This wasn’t some small fly-by-night study either. There were over 240,000 participants, which makes the data far more reliable.

From International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition:

“In their study, Banta and his team reviewed data from more than 240,000 telephone surveys conducted between 2005 and 2015 as part of the multi-year California Health Interview Survey (CHIS). The CHIS dataset includes extensive information about socio-demographics, health status, and health behaviors.”

The researchers also collected an awful lot of other data in this study, which also helps them to draw more accurate conclusions.

Why I think junk food causes problems

If you look at the kinds of foods that were linked to psychological disorders, such as depression, they are normally fried or very processed foods. 

The researchers noted sugar as well, but I don’t really think that sugar is the problem.

“…consumption of foods that have been fried or contain high amounts of sugar and processed grains have been linked with depression.”

I think several things are the problem. 

Processed and fried foods contain a lot of fake-food chemicals that can cause serious issues for many people. 

AND they also contain a type of fat known as polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) – in very large quantities. 

It’s the PUFAs that I want to teach you about here.

Avoid these types of oils like the plague…

PUFAs are SUPER-bad for your health. 

They go rancid in your body and cause major inflammation – including in your brain.

PUFAs are the so-called “healthy” fats that everyone tells you to eat. 

They include corn oil, vegetable oil, fish oil, soy oil, and canola oil. 

And the advice to consume these because they are supposed to be good for you is just plain WRONG.

As I mentioned, because they produce inflammation throughout your body – including in your brain – I am pretty sure that they are a BIG part of the reason that so-called junk foods create mood and psychological disorders. 

It’s a very good idea to get rid of all these kinds of fats from your kitchen – and read your labels.

Just stop eating this stuff. It’s terrible for you.

Instead, you want to eat a small amount of fully saturated fats. Coconut oil and butter are what I use. 

But you don’t want to eat a ton of fat regardless – no matter what the “gurus” say. It can really mess up your body.

Get rid of the junk food. Your body and your mood will thank you for it.

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These 5 foods give men good, solid “rockiness” no matter how long it’s been

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If given a choice between taking a pill and eating a delicious food, I’m going to pick the food every time!

And now I’ve found 5 delicious and simple foods that improve “rockiness” in men by improving penile blood flow… 

These foods make sure arteries stay wide open and flexible by giving the body the nutrients it needs… 

And in just 2 weeks, you’ll notice the difference “down there” when you start getting better, stronger “rockiness.”

Here are the 5 foods men should eat if they want good, solid “rockiness” all the time (they also naturally lower blood pressure).


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Junk food is linked to both moderate and severe psychological distress


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