Video contains secrets feminists don’t want men to know

Definitely not safe for work…

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—-Important Message From Richard La Ruina—-

Here’s the Stealth Attraction video that’s going viral (NSFW)

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It shows you how to bypass a woman’s rejection mechanism…

…so she automatically starts feeling attraction, lust, and desire for you…

…without even knowing why…

And this gets her wanting to sleep with you, even if she’s not usually “that type of girl…”

This also works for married men and men in committed relationships.

But this video accidently got into the wrong hands and now some feminist group on Facebook is trying to have the video pulled down.

Watch it now before it’s banned


This 1 hormone is like the holy grail for men

The consequences of low testerone for men are pretty severe.

They can include symptoms like low sex drive, problems with sexual performance, cognitive function problems, and more.

Men with low testosterone levels can experience sexual dysfunction, depressed mood, irritability, difficulty with concentration and memory, fatigue, loss of muscular strength and a reduced sense of well-being overall.

I’ve seen men raise their testosterone levels and have many health problems start to go away.

I can’t guarantee that’s going to happen, but it’s pretty common.

In another twist, new research is now showing that low T is also an INDEPENDENT risk factor for becoming hospitalized with the virus.

That doesn’t mean


The data indicate that low testosterone is an independent risk factor for ‘viral’ hospitalization, similar to diabetes, heart disease and chronic lung disease.

Now… I don’t want to focus on the virus in this article…

…but it’s important to point out that the risk factors to your health from low T are significant.

They found that men with low testosterone who developed ‘viral infection’ were 2.4 times more likely to require hospitalization than men with hormone levels in the normal range

And that fixing your testosterone levels can dramatically improve your health!

Further, men who were once diagnosed with low testosterone but successfully treated with hormone replacement therapy were no more likely to be hospitalized for ‘the virus’ than men whose testosterone levels had always tested in the normal range.

It’s much more common than people realize for men to have low testosterone.

With up to ⅓ of men over 30 not having enough testosterone.

“Low testosterone is very common; up to a third of men over 30 have it. Our study draws attention to this important risk factor and the need to address it as a strategy to lower hospitalizations.”

Typically, the first step that doctors take with men who have low testosterone is testosterone replacement therapy.

This can help some, but is problematic for several different reasons.

One of the big problems is that excess testosterone can turn into estrogen in your body.

Circulating testosterone activates the androgen receptor (AR) and is also converted into estrogen in the brain via aromatase. This conversion is the primary source of estrogen to the male brain. It is unclear whether testosterone and estrogen signaling interact to masculinize neural circuits.

This happens a lot with the larger doses of testosterone that are normally recommended…

…and it can REALLY work against men and their health.

That’s why I always focus on natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

Because when you raise your testosterone NATURALLY you get all of the health benefits with none of the downsides.

The good news is that for most men, it’s entirely possible to raise your testosterone naturally.

You don’t have to have sky high testosterone in order to have good health, but it does have to be in the normal range.

This is one area where it’s easy to take control of your health and your life if you take a few simple actions.

If you think your testosterone is low, I encourage you to have it checked and to take actions to fix it.

It’s one of the best things you can do for your health.

—-Important Message About Raising T—-

Low T? Here’s what doctors aren’t telling men…

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I’ve discovered a hidden connection between one simple substance and low testosterone.

Doctors never tell men about this one substance and how high levels can significantly drain T.

Instead, they tell men to take testosterone treatments…

But that doesn’t stop this one substance from draining that testosterone next!

The truth is, the body can make enough testosterone on its own…

You just have to keep this one substance at low levels…


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