Varicocele may be caused by estrogen

Varicocele may be caused by estrogen

A varicocele is a very common condition in the testicles of men.

It is very similar to hemorrhoids or testicular varicose veins.

And it is a vein that is causing problems or inflammation.

Medical researchers are looking for what causes varicocele and relief for men.

So here is a clue as to what is causing varicose seal:

Prevalence of varicocele increases by approximately 10% for each decade of life. Varicocele prevalence was:

18% at age 30–39,

24% at age 40–49,

33% at age 50–59,

42% at age 60–69,

53% at age 70–79 and

75% at age 80–89

As we age, our testosterone frequently levels decline.

And our estrogen levels rise.

So perhaps testicular varicocele is caused by too much estrogen or not enough testosterone.

DHT values were significantly lower in varicocele patients.

Testosterone was normal, but DHT levels were lower in varicocele patients.

And in another study another clue was uncovered:

Estradiol levels were significantly increased.

And all studies found that there were tissue abnormalities in the testicle cells in varicocele men.

For example:

a decreased tubular diameter, hyperplasia in the number of Leydig’s cells.

Therefore it can be safely said that estrogen levels and inflammation that affects the testicles cause the testicular varicocele.

And it’s worse as men age.

Some men may get varicocele in puberty or their 20s.

But the frequency of varicocele continues to increase as men get older.

Just at the time when men’s estrogen levels rise, and their testosterone levels fall.

Testosterone levels were “normal” for these men in most cases.

However, DHT was lower, and estrogen was higher.

This tells us something important about men who experience a testicular varicocele.

They are experiencing a hormonal shift and greater inflammation that is causing lower DHT and higher estrogen.

The solution may lay in nutritional and dietary adjustments that lower estrogen in a man’s body and increased his efficient production of DHT.

Progesterone may help a great deal as it is a natural antagonist to excessive estradiol.

And many men this age have very low levels of progesterone.



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