Using vitamin E to get stronger, more frequent boners

Believe it or not, it has a lot to do with your liver…

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Matt Cook here, and there’s a secret connection between the liver and the penis that most men don’t know about…

So if the liver isn’t healthy, erections is going to suffer.

That’s why it’s so important for us guys to protect our livers from bad fats that are hiding in many of today’s most popular foods.

And fortunately for us, there’s one super easy way to do that — using a particular form of vitamin E in a unique way…

And you can bet on stronger, more frequent, powerful erections when you use vitamin E this way. Here’s how…

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Rogue NYU urologist issues stern prostate warning to men: stop SHRINKING the prostate and do THIS instead

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Using vitamin E to get stronger, more frequent boners

Liver disease caused by non-alcoholic fatty liver build-up is an increasingly common health problem in developed countries.

The research is quite clear that dietary fat is a major cause of this problem.

But recent trends demonizing carbohydrates and offering high-fat diets as a solution to modern metabolic health problems have caused a lot of confusion.

The main problem with the modern high fat diet…

…is the breakdown of unstable fats into irritating byproducts called lipid peroxides.

These lipid peroxides damage every part of the body including the liver.

You can decrease lipid peroxides by eating less of these unstable fats (like vegetable oils).

Another way to decrease lipid peroxide harm is to take vitamin E.

Vitamin E prevents these unstable fats from being broken down into the irritating byproducts.

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The human research was carried out at the University of Athens Medical School in Greece. The paper was published in The Open Cardiovascular Medicine Journal.

The authors of this study were aware of the relationship between a high-fat diet and increased risk of liver problems.

“A diet rich in fat is associated with liver fat deposition – non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The exact cause of this type of liver disease is still unknown.”

Liver peroxidation – the breakdown of unstable fats into inflammatory compounds is a major driver of liver disease.

Vitamin E decreases liver peroxidation.

The researchers decided to see whether vitamin E could have any effect on liver health in animals fed a high-fat diet…

And they carried out their experiment on different groups of rats.

Some rats were fed a standard lab rat diet for the duration of the six-month study.

Other rats were first put on a high cholesterol diet.

Then those high cholesterol rats were switched to a high cholesterol and high-fat diet.

Then some of those rats were given supplemental vitamin E.

The animals given vitamin E had much lower cholesterol levels at the end of the study.

Cholesterol is not a problem in and of itself – but it can be an indicator of something else going awry in the body.

“At the end of the study, the group given vitamin E with a high-fat diet exhibited significantly lower total cholesterol.”

Animals given the high-fat diet without vitamin E had significantly higher levels of SGOT – a liver enzyme used to check for liver inflammation.

The animals given vitamin E seem to have relatively reduced liver inflammation.

“At the end of the study the animals in the high-fat diet group had higher SGOT.”

The researchers looked at liver steatosis at the end of the study.

This is physical manifestations of liver damage caused by the high-fat diet.

Liver damage was higher in the animals fed a high-fat diet compared with those given that diet with added vitamin E.

“The high-fat diet group exhibited the highest scores in steatosis and fatty liver disease grading.”

Though it seems that the mechanisms may still remain a mystery to these scientists…

…they did conclude that vitamin E seems to protect the diet against liver damage caused by dietary fat.

“Vitamin E seems to exert a liver protective role in the presence of a high-fat diet in a rat model.”

From reading a lot of other research, I believe that vitamin E protects against liver damage by lowering lipid peroxidation.

The lipid peroxides generated by unstable fats – primarily vegetable oils – are a major factor in causing liver damage.

The solutions are to eat less fat – particularly less vegetable oil – and take a moderate dose of a high quality vitamin E supplement.

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How to use simple supplements to clean out the liver and boost rockiness

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I’ve been using a special form of vitamin E along with a combination of other inexpensive supplements to clean out my liver…

And the effect on my erections has been nothing short of outstanding!

My wife is even noticing how much rockier I’ve been getting…

“You feel like solid steel inside of me!” she says and I’m walking around all day with a smile on my face.

It’s insane how much your erections can improve when you clean out your liver this way.

So give it a try — here’s what I’m doing and you can do this too


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Water Soluble Vitamin E Administration in Wistar Rats with Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease