Using this supposed remedy can lead to lipid pneumonia

Young man having a flu lying in bed

Are you using these nasal decongestants? It can be very, very bad…

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Using this supposed remedy can lead to lipid pneumonia

You might want to reconsider using mentholated petroleum jelly-based products — like Vicks VapoRub.

This product is associated with a rare lung condition called lipid pneumonia if you use it wrong…

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…and most people have no clue that they could be putting themselves at risk.

What is lipid pneumonia?

There is this rare form of pneumonia caused by inhaling fat-containing substances through your nose.

Lipid pneumonia is a rare form of pneumonia caused by inhalation or aspiration of fat-containing substances like petroleum jelly, mineral oils, certain laxatives, etc. It usually presents as an insidious onset, chronic respiratory illness simulating interstitial lung diseases. Rarely, it may present as an acute respiratory illness, especially when the exposure to fatty substance(s) is massive.

It can cause serious lung problems and respiratory inflammation.

Weirdly, even though it’s rare, when it happens, it’s usually because of a common home remedy.

Can Vicks VapoRub cause lipoid pneumonia?

When people get coughs and colds they sometimes apply Vicks Vaporub or petroleum jelly to the inside or under their nose.

Most of the time these products just wear off.

But sometimes they can be inhaled, and that’s where the problems come in.

Typically, petroleum jelly applied to the inside of the nostrils drains down the back of the nose with normal nasal secretions and is swallowed. Rarely, small amounts of the jelly can migrate into the windpipe (trachea) and lungs. Over many months, the jelly can accumulate in the lungs leading to potentially serious inflammation known as lipoid pneumonia.

If you apply these products in your nose regularly enough, it can cause problems with your lungs and be the reason you get lipoid pneumonia.

Don’t ever put Vicks VapoRub or petroleum jelly in your nose.

The bottom line here is to take this seriously.

If you use petroleum jelly or Vicks Vaporub when you have a cold, keep it on your upper chest and lips and never put it where it might get inhaled.

It says right on the package of these products not to use in the nose, but since they are such common products not everyone reads the packaging.

When lipid pneumonia is caused by petroleum jelly, generally the only treatment is to stop using the petroleum jelly.

If you do get lipid pneumonia from this, usually the only way to stop it is to stop using the petroleum jelly products entirely.

If you show up with lipoid pneumonia at your doctor, they may end up completely baffled because they just don’t see it very often. 

So, it’s important that you know that putting petroleum jelly products under or in your nose can cause this condition.

That way you can avoid it and/or help cure it.

Here’s what to do if you have a stuffy nose.

It’s fine to use vapor products on your chest, and some people find relief by using vapor products with a warm vaporizer machine.

You can also try nasal saline, which most stores sell.

Or, exhale gently, and before you inhale again, pinch your nose closed, close your mouth, and nod your head a dozen times slowly.

You will want to get more air, but wait until you are finished nodding your head.

Now release your nose and breathe in — and this often has cleared your nose.

This often gives you quick, temporary, and safe relief.

Be careful of products like Afrin, though, which can give you a serious bounce back effect and become addictive.

Most of us get colds at least once in a while, and it can be tempting to put products like Vicks Vaporub right in our noses to get relief. 

But it’s a very bad idea…

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