Using activated charcoal this way can increase lifespan by 43%

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Using activated charcoal this way can increase lifespan by 43%

There are a handful of things which can have a significant effect on how long you live.

One of these is activated charcoal — at least according to the animal research.

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In one famous study, researchers at the Institute of Gerontology AMS in the USSR looked at the effect of activated charcoal on the lifespan of lab rats.

“The effect of dietary activated charcoal on lifespan and a number of biological indices were studied.”

These results were almost unbelievable.

Supplementing activated charcoal increases lifespan by over 30%.

“Activated charcoal resulted in the increase of mean lifespan by 43% and maximum lifespan by 34%.”

But when you understand how activated charcoal works, it’s not so difficult to believe this increase in longevity could be true…

This later series of experiments were carried out at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN.

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These experiments were designed to find a way to remove endotoxin from the blood.

Endotoxin is a type of bacteria. It lives in your gut.

But once it gets into your bloodstream, it can poison your entire body.

Endotoxin triggers the onset of most lethal diseases — obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease — all of these are triggered by increased endotoxin in the blood.

Of course, these endotoxin-related diseases shorten lifespan by decades.

So lowering endotoxin exposure could significantly increase longevity.

The study looked at 13 different materials which the researchers believed were prime candidates for removing endotoxin.

“We compared 13 materials with affinity for endotoxin, to remove endotoxin from water, human blood plasma, and blood plasma from the patient with sepsis caused by endotoxin.“

Most of the materials were effective at removing endotoxin from water. But blood was a little trickier.

“Endotoxin was readily removed from water.”

But some of the materials were able to remove endotoxin from blood plasma. A process called adsorption.

“Some materials removed substantial quantities of endotoxin from the patient’s blood plasma.”

The best way to see the effect of endotoxin removal is to look at the risk of death after being injected with this blood.

Endotoxin kills a massive amount of people in a process called sepsis.

The researchers took blood plasma from a person with sepsis. Blood loaded with endotoxin.

They injected this untreated blood plasma into 13 mice — all of the mice died from endotoxin poisoning.

“Upon injection of the patient’s plasma, death occurred in 13 of 13 mice within 12 hours.”

When the researchers treated this plasma with activated charcoal and then repeated the same process, all of the mice lived.

“When the plasma was first absorbed with activated charcoal, death occurred in 0/13 mice.”

Simply treating blood plasma with activated charcoal removed enough endotoxin to bring the death rate 100% to 0 over 12 hours.

This could be done by blood cleaning machines in a clinical setting where many die from sepsis.

“Thus, blood plasma that contains endotoxin can be detoxified by activated charcoal adsorption.”

But this has other implications aside from high-tech medical filtering of the blood.

Remember that most of the endotoxin we are exposed to comes from the gut.

Under stress the gut becomes leaky.

The leaky gut pumps more endotoxin into the blood causing disease which shortens the lifespan.

The rodents in the first experiments lived 30 to 40% longer when taking activated charcoal orally — the blood was not filtered medically.

Judicial use of activated charcoal supplements when under stress can prevent excessive endotoxin leaking into the blood. 

This could lower the burden of many common chronic diseases and significantly increase lifespan.

The downside of activated charcoal is that if you take too much it can cause constipation — which in itself is a problem.

So it must be used intelligently.

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