Use this to lower your estrogen (perform better)

Use this to lower your estrogen (perform better)

Estrogen is usually too high – and that often means poor erections…

I found that lowering estrogen this way has VERY powerful and wonderful effects in the bedroom.

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When I’m alone, here’s how I improve my sexual performance

Have you heard of solo cultivation?

The Taoists used it to powerfully boost their sexual stamina – even into their 90s and beyond.

You do it by yourself. And each time you do it (it’s pleasurable anyway) you increase your stamina for when you have a sexual partner.

Here’s how to do the solo cultivation so you can have amazing erections and sexual performance next time you are with your wife or girlfriend.


Dropping estrogen helps men perform

There is a persistent and pernicious myth that estrogen is good for men’s brains and bodies.

That estrogen fights Alzheimer’s in men…

That estrogen is good for men’s bones…

And, although they are not yet pushing men to take estrogen treatments, they view estrogen as protective – especially for mental health and against Alzheimer’s.

So you can expect a flood of estrogen-like compounds for men – because Big Pharma has seized on this notion.

However, it simply is not true.

At any age, estrogen should be as low as possible for men.

Although, as with everything else, you do need a balance.

This study looked at almost 250 men over a four-year period. These men were aged 73 to 91.

They found results that were quite striking.

Higher estrogen correlated with greater mental decline.

“Higher estradiol (total and bioavailable) and estrone levels were associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline in elderly men independent of age…”

One thing I haven’t seen studies on is that many men try to get blood tests to measure their estrogen levels.

But estradiol blood tests are not reliable.

However, estrone blood tests are reliable and indicate the total bodily load of estrone – so those are the blood tests that I would go for.

Estrogen causes more problems than just mental decline.

In this study of men with rheumatoid arthritis, their symptoms correlated with higher estradiol levels.

“…estradiol was higher in rheumatoid arthritis patients compared with healthy controls…”

It seems reasonable that if you have weight issues, type 2 diabetes, persistent erection problems, or other issues, your estrogen levels are almost 100% certain to be too high.

And you would want to lower those estrogen levels in any reasonable way possible.

Yet, Big Pharma has no answer to estrogen except they think it is a “benefit.”

This shows that Big Pharma’s profit-seeking behavior and monopolistic position in the Western world do not help our health.

So we must help ourselves.

In this case, it’s reasonable to lower our estrogen levels and regain our youthful health.

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Lowering estrogen gives you great erections…

It turns out that lowering ESTROGEN has powerful erection-promoting effects.

Men find that they begin getting semis even when they just see a pretty girl.

A mere kiss gets them to full attention – it’s like they are teenagers again.

The difference is that the estrogen is no longer ROBBING them of their performance.

To have great sex, you MUST lower your estrogen.

And there is nothing better to give you better health, a clearer mind, and lower blood pressure.

Lowering estrogen is the key to sexual and physical health.

So how to lower estrogen? 

I found this unique way to lower estrogen almost immediately – giving you amazing sexual benefits…





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Sex hormones and cognitive decline in elderly men 

Abnormal levels of serum dehydroepiandrosterone, estrone, and estradiol in men with rheumatoid arthritis: high correlation between serum estradiol and current degree of inflammation 
1. How does estrogen affect mental health? 
In recent years, there has been a lot of discussions on the benefits of estrogen on the human body. But an imbalance of this important hormone can also lead to problems.Though Estrogen is considered a female hormone, it is found both in men and women. Females have a higher level of estrogen, while in men it is present in lower concentration. An increase in estrogen levels is usually considered a cause for erectile dysfunction. Some men can also experience breast development which in medical terms is called Gynecomastia.Estrogen in men has a myriad of beneficial uses. It helps in the regulation of the male hormone testosterone and also regulates bone and skin health. Estrogen is also linked with sexual function and cholesterol regulation.But does estrogen affect Mental health? Is this possible?The research studies on this topic have been fairly interesting!It has been found that Men with higher than normal Estrogen levels can suffer from depression. In a medical study of 4000 adult participants, Medical researchers found a direct connection between depression and estrogen levels in men. It was found that men with high Estradiol levels suffered from depression. Estradiol is considered a form of estrogen.According to certain studies, Schizophrenia is a condition that may be caused by an increase in estrogen levels. Though depression and anxiety are possible conditions due to an increase in the estrogen levels, Schizophrenia affects only a minority. The percentage of Schizophrenia is 5 among 1000 people.High levels of estrogen can also cause other health disorders like breast cancer, susceptibility to strokes and even cause thyroid disease. In some controlled studies, researchers found that individuals with high estrogen levels could also lead to ovarian cancer and cause blood clots.Usually, hormonal imbalances are what causes this increase or decrease in the levels of estrogen in the body. Certain medications like hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics can cause an increase in the levels of estrogen.Advancing age is also a factor for the increase in the levels of Estrogen. Men at the age of 50 or higher, usually experience an increase in the enzyme aromatase, which plays a vital role in the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.In some cases, Estrogen imbalance can be genetic. High estrogen levels can run in the family and one can be unaware about it. Some disorders can actually act as triggers and cause a spike in the estrogen levels. If you are chronically obese, then you should check your estrogen levels. 
So how do you manage your estrogen levels? 
Does a particular diet help? 
Researchers say that certain foods can help manage Estrogen levels. Cauliflowers, Cabbages, and Broccoli can help lower higher estrogen levels. Mushrooms and eating a whole grain-based diet can also help. If you are interested in taking supplements, then Vitamin B12 is of great help. Increase the consumption of dietary foods like Fish, eggs, spinach, and beets.Now pay attention to exercise and physical activity, if you are obese. Losing weight is important here. Start exercising and stick to a daily regimen. But make sure that you consult a doctor and check for blood tests. This can help you understand the root cause of your problem and take the necessary steps to solve this.

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