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Decision Making

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The bad thing about making choices

Walmart! Ugh.

Walking into that store can be overwhelming. There is so much stuff.

I have a friend who absolutely hates that store – with a passion.

She tells a story about standing in front of the ketchup section – which is now something like 8 feet wide and 8 shelves tall!

She says she stood there for a good 15 minutes while she simply looked around and wondered exactly what one does with sriracha ketchup!

Her brain got locked into indecision because there were so many choices of ketchup.

That’s the challenge of choice in the human brain.

We LIKE choice, but when we are faced with too many choices we end up feeling paralyzed and often regretful.

It’s one weird paradox.

Here’s how your brain works when faced with an overwhelming choice – and a couple of methods to cope with it.

Having no choices is no fun, but having too many choices is paralyzing…

Humans hate not having choices and we revel in freedom or the ability to choose our own path or our own destiny.

But when we are faced with almost unlimited choices, the situation can be overwhelming.

“Having choices seems like an appealing situation that speaks to freedom and autonomy. But the emerging digital realities manifest in forums like online shopping and entertainment can be overwhelming.”

That makes sense.

We evolved in an environment where decision-making was limited to the immediate physical world around us.

Before the modern era, we only had to make a few choices at a time.

Now we are often faced with thousands of choices every single day.

Being overwhelmed like this can lead us to regret our choices and DOUBT our decision-making processes.

“Research shows that, after the fact, people often regret their decision in these cases. But what our research suggests is that this kind of turn – the inherent paradox of liking choices and then being troubled by choices – happens almost immediately.”

And although some people would like you to think this reaction is “all in your head” the reality is that it’s not.

There are definitive PHYSICAL reactions when you are faced with too much choice.

When participants had too many things to choose from, their heart rates went up.

They also assigned more IMPORTANCE to making choices with a lot of options.

“The results showed that when faced with a large number of profiles to choose from rather than a small number, participants’ hearts and blood vessels revealed that they experienced making their choice as being both more important and more overwhelming. This occurred during the deliberation process.”

Overwhelming choices are inevitable, but dealing with them CAN be easier.

Because of the digital age, overwhelming choices seem inevitable.

Whether you are browsing for something to watch on Netflix, looking at dating profiles, or searching for a new jacket online, you are presented with multitudes of choices.

But having “rules” can help you cut down on the overwhelm and make choices more effectively.

“It may also be helpful to enter high-choice situations with a few clear guidelines of what you want from your desired option.”

If you think through what you want before you go into the decision-making process – like deciding that you want to watch a gardening show on Netflix – you can instantly eliminate many of the choices you face…

This makes the decision-making process easier.

“Doing so [having rules] may not only help scale down the number of possible choices by eliminating options that do not meet your guidelines, but may also bolster confidence and trust in your ability to find a choice that meets your needs.”

This can help you gain confidence in your decision-making ability.

The bottom line is that, for the human brain, too many choices is appealing but has the effect of making people miserable.

By deciding in ADVANCE where and when you are going to cut down on the choices that you are faced with and giving yourself rules to follow in advance…

You can increase your confidence in your decisions and give yourself more peace.

To your health!

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