This Type of Wine Relieves Fatigue and Gives Men Lasting Energy

This Type of Wine Relieves Fatigue and Gives Men Lasting Energy

A breakthrough new study shows that this type of wine has medicinal properties and is actually good for men…

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This Type of Wine Relieves Fatigue and Gives Men Lasting Energy

The health effects of alcohol are complicated.

Heavy drinking is certainly bad for your health.

Moderate alcohol intake is a controversial subject…

Some studies show benefits while others show negative effects.

Many studies show that about one unit of alcohol a day has better health outcomes than complete abstinence.

According to one study, a small intake of beer can help with insulin resistance.

A glass of wine has a myriad of health benefits.

New research is beginning to show that small amounts of Chinese rice wine could also improve health significantly.

Antifatigue and antiaging effects of Chinese rice wine in mice

These scientists carried out animal experiments at the Shandong University in China and published their results in the Journal of Food Science and Nutrition.

Chinese rice wine is made from rice, wheat, and medicinal herbs.

Consequently, it contains many potentially beneficial plant compounds.

“Traditional rice wines are made from sticky rice, wheat, and some medicinal plants or herbs fermented by Chinese koji.”

Chinese rice wine is also unique in that, for an alcoholic brew, it contains relatively large amounts of protein and carbohydrates.

In China, they see it as a medicine and many believe it has protective effects for older people.

“Chinese rice wine is widely known for keeping good health and [is] commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine prescription guiding drug.”

These factors led the researchers to investigate the effect of rice wine on aging and fatigue.

“The study assesses the effects of Chinese rice wine on anti-fatigue and anti-aging activities in mice models.”

Researchers started with four different groups of mice – with 10 mice in each group.

They gave the animals water or different doses of Chinese rice wine for 15 days.

“Mice were randomly divided into four groups performing with 0.25 ml of distilled water, [or] 0.15, 0.25, and 0.4 ml of wine for 15 consecutive days.”

The researchers then examined the mice for signs of aging and fatigue.

The liver is a key organ for energy production.

It holds a type of sugar called glycogen.

The amount of glycogen stored in the liver stores plays a large role in regulating an animal’s ability to generate energy.

More glycogen means less chance of fatigue.

“Glycogen content is an integral determining factor in fatigue.”

Drinking rice wine increased the amount of liver glycogen.

“…Chinese rice wine increased the content of liver glycogen.”

In fact, liver glycogen increased as the dose of Chinese rice wine increased.

The study showed that rice wine can more than double liver glycogen – which is great for energy.

Next, they looked at lactic acid buildup after exercise.

Lactic acid is a waste product of energy production.

It causes all sorts of problems and we have less ability to deal with lactic acid as we age.

So lactic acid levels are a marker of aging.

The lab animals swam for 20 minutes.

Then the researchers took their lactic acid readings.

Chinese rice wine had a phenomenal effect on lactic acid.

“Chinese rice wine decreased levels of blood lactic acid.”

After exercise, lactic acid levels almost doubled in the animals that did not get rice wine.

With rice wine, the levels of lactic acid actually decreased after exercise!

The researchers also looked at levels antioxidants.

A proper balance of antioxidants protects the cells and DNA against aging.

Chinese rice wine increased the body’s production of protective antioxidants.

“Chinese rice wine has strong antioxidant capacity…and can be used as an important natural antioxidant.”

The researchers also looked at the spleen and thymus of the experimental animals.

These two organs have a tendency to deteriorate rapidly in aging.

Chinese rice wine protected the spleen and thymus – a good indicator of anti-aging effects.

“Chinese rice wine significantly improved thymus and spleen index.”

Taken together these results indicate that Chinese rice wine could have an anti-aging and anti-fatigue effect.

At least in small doses.

“Chinese rice wine has a potent anti-fatigue ability and could minimize the occurrence of age-related disorders.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health problems.

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