Try one of these 5 “flow foods” for lower pressure and better blood flow

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These foods work better than any blood pressure pill and come with added benefits… 

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Try one of these 5 “flow foods” for lower pressure and better blood flow

Many people don’t know there are dozens of scientifically proven methods to lower blood pressure naturally…

And that means lowering blood pressure without the risks associated with blood pressure medications.

Sumac is one such remedy.

Sumac is a culinary spice widely used in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine.

The spice also has many purported health benefits… though there is relatively little scientific research looking into these claims.

But one human study looked at the effect of sumac spice on blood pressure. 

And the results are very positive.

Researchers believe it lowers blood pressure through its antioxidant effect.

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These researchers did their study at the University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran. The Journal of The Royal Society of Chemistry published the results. 

A number of different shrubs produce the fruits that are the source of this spice, sumac. 

This study used sumac from the R. coriaria variety, known as “tanner’s sumac.”

“Sumac (R. coriaria L., Anacardiaceae) is a medicinal plant traditionally used for the treatment of cardiovascular disorders.”

There are many reports that this type of sumac can improve cardiovascular problems – including high blood pressure. 

The researchers designed this study to investigate the effect of sumac on hypertension.

“This study was designed to evaluate the effects of sumac fruits in hypertensive patients.”

The researchers recruited 80 volunteers diagnosed with high blood pressure. 

The volunteers were also on blood pressure medication.

“We performed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted on 80 hypertensive patients who were receiving captopril…”

(Captopril is an ACE inhibitor, the blood pressure medication all the participants were on.)

The researchers split the participants randomly into two groups – and only one group received the sumac supplement.

The supplement for one group contained half a gram of sumac powder, taken twice a day.

Participants in the other group took an inactive placebo twice a day instead of the sumac powder.

“The patients were randomly divided into 2 groups: The first group received R. coriaria fruit (sumac) capsules (500 mg) twice a day and captopril (25 mg) once a day…”

“The second [group] received placebo capsules (500 mg starch) twice a day and captopril (25 mg) once a day…”

None of the participants knew if they were getting the active treatment or the placebo.

The participants continued taking their medication at the same dose for two months.

The researchers took blood pressure readings and other tests every week.

“Blood pressure and body mass index in all patients were determined every week.”

Sumac significantly lowered blood pressure after eight weeks.

“Hypertension decreased significantly in the R. coriaria group compared to baseline and placebo groups after 8 weeks.”

In blood pressure readings, the first number is called systolic blood pressure…

And that number is usually the most important.

Before supplementation, systolic blood pressure (average) was 143 in the placebo group and (average) 145 in the group that would receive sumac supplements.

Systolic blood pressure went down by an average of 30 points in the participants who had taken sumac supplements!

That’s an enormous reduction in blood pressure by any standards.

One patient in the supplementation group reported feeling drowsy. 

Aside from that, there were no adverse effects.

“No serious adverse effects were reported or observed during this trial, except for the R. coriaria group in which a patient reported drowsiness.”

The researchers believe that flavonoid compounds in the spice are responsible for lowering oxidative stress – and that’s what helps with high blood pressure.

“Since flavonoids were the main chemical constituents of this plant, its antihypertensive activity could be attributed to such compounds.”

This human trial indicates that sumac could be a very effective way to lower blood pressure.

“The finding suggests that R. coriaria fruits could be used as an effective natural remedy for management of hypertension.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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These 5 “flow foods” lower men’s blood pressure by improving blood flow

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The real cause of high blood pressure is bad blood flow.

The arteries get narrow, constricted, and lose their flexibility… 

And then blood flow suffers, and the heart has to respond by turning up the pressure.

High blood pressure is the body’s attempt to force better blood flow through your body.

But now all you need to do is add one of these 5 “flow foods” to your breakfast… 

And you will naturally lower blood pressure by improving blood flow all over the body.

Men will even find they get a nice little boost “downstairs” if you know what I mean!

Here are the 5 “flow foods” that naturally lower blood pressure by improving blood flow.


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