Tribulus doesn’t raise testosterone or improve libido

Tribulus doesn't raise testosterone or improve libido

One of the core beliefs in this newsletter is that when you suffer the most common male issues, it has one of two causes.

Male issues such as low testosterone, erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, or even premature ejaculation boil down to these two issues.

One cause is desensitization, which is a physiological condition where you feel less in the penis.

Your brain perceives less feeling and less pleasure with desensitization.

Desensitization is fixable through simple exercises.

The other cause is health-related ED.

The health related issues are resolvable by fixing the underlying health issues.

But men want to take a magic pill of some kind instead of doing things the right way.

They view changing what they eat, what supplements they take, and lifestyle changes as “the hard way.”

For example, one of these magic pills is “Tribulus.”

In theory, it’s an herbal testosterone booster.

But do testosterone boosters really work?

I looked into some of the common “male supplements,” and here are the ingredients in a very common one.

People think that the Tribulus herb is the magic compound that will cure their ails.

Many studies focus on Tribulus, and basically, it doesn’t do anything.

In this case, researchers gave Tribulus Terrestris in pretty high doses to male and female rats.

And they discovered it had no effect.

Well, at least it had no good effect.

Administration of tribulus to non-castrated male rats for 28 days did not change serum testosterone levels.

The only thing that can be said is that there was a very slight possible improvement in sperm quality.

Although I doubt this is a significant benefit.

You have to be careful taking herbs.

Most herbs are estrogenic.

Estrogen is a very common configuration of molecules.

And there are probably billions of molecules that act like estrogen in the body.

Almost all herbs have an estrogenic effect — as do many medications.

Of course, there are some contradictory studies that show a benefit of Tribulus testosterone booster supplements.

But I do not believe that those studies are valid or well done.

I think it’s quite evident that Tribulus Terrestris does nothing good — and is probably a bad idea to take it.

I don’t sell supplements myself.

And I don’t have an ax to grind, and I would not take Tribulus Terrestris under any circumstances I can think of.


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