How to Be An Alpha Male at Work By Tweaking These Two Hormones

If you are a shy person, how do you dial up that aggression enough to stand out in the crowd? Trying to be aggressive when it’s not your natural thing can cause actual physical pain, to the point of throwing up for some guys. Hormones can change that…

Does Low Testosterone Cause Asthma?

Since Big Pharma likes treat symptoms and not causes you are likely to get an inhaler for the symptoms or steroids for the symptoms, but you aren’t likely to find out about the root causes of anything.

Is Replacement Testosterone Dangerous?

Testosterone. You know I’m a fan of the stuff. It can increase your sex drive, can make you feel more masculine and studies show it can make you more of an alpha male.
It’s pretty appealing. So lots of guys take this info and ask their docs for testosterone supplements. Which seems like a great idea, right? Maybe not…

Are Big Pharma Testosterone Ads Creating Dependency?

It reminds me of those “snake oil” ads from back in the days of the wild, wild west. Where there would be ONE cure for everything that ailed you, no matter how little proof there was for it.

This Common Supplement Does REALLY Weird Things to Testosterone.

There are hormones and substances in your body that block the testosterone you do have from working correctly and providing the benefits of a great sex drive and great muscles. The good news is that a very safe supplement can actually negate some of these effects…