Tired all the time

I could barely keep my eyes open

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Tired all the time

Have I told you lately that Big Pharma makes me bananas?

They have all these treatments on the market that SEEM to work…

But when you start really digging into the data, many of these treatments aren’t so great after all.

Some of them have terrible side effects and others just don’t work.

There is a new study that came out that shows one more big fail from Big Pharma – sleeping tablets.

Which is a treatment that tons of people take.

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This study was published in the BMJ and it shows that long-term use of sleeping tablets makes no significant difference in the quality of people’s sleep!

There was no difference in sleep quality or duration between those who did and didn’t take these ‘treatments’ for 1 to 2 years, the findings show.

In other words, if you take sleeping tablets for more than 6 months or so…

Then your body will get the same quality of sleep as if you weren’t taking the sleeping tablets at all!

This is terrible. Good sleep is critical for good health.

And if you don’t get enough good sleep, not only will you feel cranky and exhausted…

But you are setting yourself up for health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure

Poor quality sleep is associated with ill health, including diabetes, high blood pressure, pain and depression, and various ‘treatments’ are ‘recommended’ to induce shut-eye.

It’s no wonder then that people who aren’t getting enough sleep end up going to their doctors for one of the popular sleeping tablets on the market.

And there are no shortage of ones to choose from.

These include benzodiazepines, Z-’chemicals’ which include zolpidem, zaleplon and eszopiclone, as well as other agents mostly intended for other conditions (off label use), such as quelling anxiety and depression.

Since sleep problems have a tendency to be chronic, lots of people stay on the sleeping tablets long term.

The clinical trial data indicate that many of these ‘treatments’ work in the short term (up to 6 months), but insomnia can be chronic, and many people take these ‘treatments’ for longer, say the researchers.

But when people took these treatments for 1 to 2 years they didn’t do any better than the people who weren’t taking the treatments.

None of the 1 year changes was statistically significant nor did they differ between the two groups. And after 2 years there were no statistically significant reductions in sleep disturbances among those taking ‘Rx treatments’ compared with those who didn’t.

To make matters worse, some of these treatments have SERIOUS side effects – including effects on your ability during the day.

The daytime residual effects of hypnotic ‘treatments’ on cognitive and psychomotor performance are a major concern in patients regularly taking these ‘treatments.’

Despite how I sometimes come across, I do occasionally take Big Pharma treatments.

Sometimes it’s unavoidable and sometimes they help.

You always have to work with your doctor when you are making these decisions for yourself.

I’m not a doctor and I can’t give medical advice.

But sleeping tablets are a class of treatments I probably will never take.

Instead, I like to practice good sleep hygiene, and I also have a diet that supports high-quality sleep.

I just think that’s a smarter decision for my health.

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