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2 ways to prevent age-related bone fractures

Bone density tends to decline with age – this can lead to fractures from otherwise minor bumps and knocks.

Full recovery is less likely in older people and injuries from brittle bones can lead to long-term disability and the need for assisted living.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – we know what makes bones weak – and it’s not just the passing of time.

High parathyroid hormone dissolves bone.

A number of nutrients, including vitamin D, help to keep parathyroid hormone low, retaining strong, youthful bones.

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This human research was carried out at the University of Lyon in France. The paper was published in The Journal of Bone Mineral Research.

For this research, scientists looked at various changing markers of bone density and bone strength in a group of men over time.

The researchers also looked at levels of parathyroid hormone and vitamin D.

“We studied the association of the baseline parathyroid hormone and vitamin D levels with the prospectively assessed deterioration of bone microarchitecture and in estimated bone strength in older men.”

They looked at various measures of bone health in different bones including the bones of the forearm (radius) and the lower leg bone (tibia).

“Distal radius and tibia bone microarchitecture was assessed by high resolution peripheral quantitative computed tomography at baseline, then after 4 and 8 yrs in 826 men aged 60-87.”

They zoned in on critical regions of the bone including the cortical region…

…the dense outer surface of the bone that forms a protective layer and there is most of the body’s weight.

The trabecular bone is the porous bone found on the ends of the long bones…

…where the bones are full of holes connected by rods and plates of bone tissue.

Men with lower levels of vitamin D had more rapid deterioration of firm, load-bearing bone material.

“At distal radius, total bone mineral density, cortical thickness, cortical area, cortical bone mineral density and trabecular bone mineral density decreased more rapidly in men with vitamin D≤20ng/mL vs. the reference group (>30ng/mL).”

As vitamin D levels decreased further so did the strength of the bones.

“Men with vitamin D≤10ng/mL had a faster decrease in reaction force and failure load than men with vitamin D>30ng/mL.”

The researchers saw the same pattern in the wrist bones and in the lower leg bones.

Lower vitamin D was associated with a decrease in firm bone material density.

“At the distal tibia, total bone mineral density, cortical thickness, cortical area, cortical bone mineral density, failure load and reaction force decreased, whereas trabecular area increased more rapidly in men with vitamin D between 10 and 20 ng/mL versus the reference group.”

The opposite pattern was seen with parathyroid hormone.

Men with higher levels of parathyroid hormone had decreases in load-bearing bone structure.

“At distal radius, men with parathyroid hormone levels above the median had a more rapid decrease in total bone mineral density, cortical area, cortical bone mineral density, cortical thickness, reaction force and failure load.”

Again, this was seen in the wrist bones and in the lower leg bones.

“At the distal tibia, men in the highest parathyroid hormone quartile had faster decrease in total bone mineral density, cortical thickness, cortical area, cortical bone mineral density, reaction force, and failure load and faster increase in trabecular area versus the lowest quartile.”

Kidney function is something that can affect bone mineral density and strength.

But the researchers showed that the effect of parathyroid hormone and vitamin D on bone mineral density is relevant to men with and without kidney problems.

Kidney problems were identified by the glomerular filtration rate – a standard test of kidney function.

“The results were similar in men with glomerular filtration rate >60mL/min.”

The reason for this is that parathyroid hormone controls the flow of calcium in and out of the bones.

When parathyroid hormone is elevated the body pulls calcium out of the bones.

Low vitamin D is one of a number of nutritional factors which can cause elevated parathyroid hormone levels.

“Vitamin D deficiency and secondary hyperparathyroidism are associated with more rapid bone decline in older men.”

In order to maintain healthy levels of bone density in older age, we have to be careful to keep our parathyroid hormone levels under control.

Optimizing vitamin D is one of a small number of things we need to do to achieve this.

—-Important Message About Lowering Parathyroid Hormone—-

So here’s how you lower parathyroid levels at home…

I call it the Golden Ratio protocol because it involves 2 key nutrients that lower parathyroid hormone when you get them in the right ratio.

And I know you may hear the word “protocol” and think this is going to be complicated and take up a lot of your time…

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

This “protocol” simply involves eating a few delicious foods that you will enjoy eating!

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Foods that most people have given up because they’re supposedly unhealthy and bad for you.

But these are the foods that are chalked full of the 2 key nutrients you need to lower parathyroid hormone.

Foods like:

  • Enchiladas
  • Pizza
  • Pasta dishes
  • Even ice cream!

I really think you will enjoy using this — and I know for a fact that you are going to LOVE how it makes you feel.

So don’t wait another minute longer — start using my Golden Ratio protocol to lower your parathyroid levels now before it’s too late.


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Association of the vitamin D and parathyroid hormone status with the ageing-related decline of bone microarchitecture in older men - the prospective STRAMBO study