This V trick boosts blood flow and testosterone at the same time

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This V trick boosts blood flow and testosterone at the same time

The relationship between testosterone and erections can seem quite complex.

Testosterone is certainly not the only hormone which can affect rockiness.

And it is true that testosterone can sometimes seem to make little difference in the short term.

But this quite a strong relationship between low testosterone and erections in the medium to long term.

A number of experiments help to explain that the relationship between low testosterone and poor erections is probably due to the effect of testosterone and blood vessels in the penis.

In one series of experiments, men with lower testosterone produced weaker erections when given lab grade boner treatments.

The researchers found this correlated with changes in how the blood vessels in the penis responded to the treatments.

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The human research was carried out at the Università ‘Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy. The findings were published in Clinical Endocrinology.

A boner is initiated by the release of chemicals in the penis.

These chemicals trigger the relaxation of certain blood vessels — something called vasodilation.

When these critical blood vessels relax enough, the inner portion of the penis swells with blood and becomes firm.

Anything that interferes with the relaxation/vasodilation of these blood vessels can cause poor rockiness.

“This study was carried out to investigate the role of male hormones in regulating smooth muscle relaxation inside the penis in men with ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

The researchers recruited 52 men with severe erections problems.

The men all submitted to blood tests which looked at testosterone and other related hormones.

In the experiments, the men were injected with lab grade boner treatments.

These treatments mimic the chemicals naturally released in the body which cause rockiness.

The effect occurs when these treatments relax target blood vessels inside the penis — allowing it to swell.

The men were given these treatments and the researchers carried out scans and other tests looking at their penile responses.

“All patients had ultrasound scans and hormonal evaluations.”

As a result of the scan, many of the men were diagnosed with blood vessel problems inside the penis which were the likely cause of their poor rockiness.

Other studies have shown that these types of blood vessel problems could be responsible for up to 90% of cases of bad rockiness.

Other men included in the study didn’t have these problems and were diagnosed with psychogenic penile dysfunction

When researchers can find the root cause and claim it’s psychological.

The researchers found that the men with clear blood vessel problems had a much weaker response to the boner-inducing treatments.

“Men diagnosed as having blood vessel-related ‘penile’ dysfunction had significantly lower resistive index scores than patients with psychogenic ‘penile dysfunction.”

In other words, those with blood vessel problems had far weaker erections in response to the rockiness-inducing chemicals.

The men with diagnosed blood vessel problems also had lower testosterone.

“These patients had lower free testosterone than psychogenic patients.”

The men who had been diagnosed with psychologically derived erections problems had average free testosterone of 75.

Men with diagnosed blood vessel problems in the penis had average free testosterone levels in the 40s.

The researchers also found that for all of the patients, lower testosterone predicted weaker erections responses to the lab grade boner treatments.

More importantly, in all patients there was a strong direct correlation between resistive index and free testosterone levels – even when adjusting for age and other hormones.”

There are a lot of other studies showing that testosterone is essential for the health of blood vessels in the penis and in other parts of the body — most importantly, the heart.

It seems likely that over long periods of time, low testosterone causes degeneration of the blood vessels in the penis – which leads to poor rockiness.

“In men with ‘penile’ dysfunction, low testosterone correlates independently of age with impaired relaxation of critical blood vessels in the penis.”

Testosterone is not the only hormone involved in maintaining healthy erections – you also need lower estrogen and prolactin.

But testosterone is essential for maintaining healthy blood vessels which are needed to achieve strong rockiness.

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