This super potent form of vitamin C prevents and treats pneumonia

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Stop your cold or flu from turning into dangerous and possibly deadly pneumonia with this special type of vitamin C

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This super potent form of vitamin C prevents and treats pneumonia

Pneumonia is a condition caused by inflammation and fluid buildup in the lung.

This common lung disease is primarily caused by viral or bacterial infection — including the current viral pandemic.

People with pre-existing conditions like heart problems or type II diabetes are at a greater risk of developing severe pneumonia in response to bacterial or viral pathogens.

Pneumonia can cause serious damage to the lungs and even death.

But there are a number of things which can significantly lower the risks associated with contracting or advancing pneumonia.

The benefits of vitamin C against pneumonia have been known since World War II — yet they are often overlooked.

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This review of human research was carried out at the University of Helsinki in Finland. The paper is published by the Cochrane Library.

Viral and bacterial infection of the lungs is the most deadly infectious problem in the United States.

“Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria and viruses. In the USA it is the most common cause of death from infection.”

Vitamin C has long been known for its immune boosting properties.

And this research was designed to assess the results of the best human studies to date.

“Vitamin C was identified in the early 1900s and suggestions that one of its biological roles may be to resist infections are supported by numerous animal studies.”

The researchers took information from a number of different types of human experiments.

First, they obtained information from human trials looking at whether vitamin C could prevent pneumonia.

“We found three human trials with a total of 2335 participants that looked at whether vitamin C prevents pneumonia.”

Some of these studies were done way back in the 1940s.

The researchers looked at another group of trials investigating whether vitamin C could help recovery from the lung infection.

“Two other trials with a total of 197 pneumonia patients looked at whether vitamin C might help to cure pneumonia.”

The reviewers found that the best human research to date shows that vitamin C can prevent and treat pneumonia.

“The results of the five identified trials suggested permanency is beneficial in preventing and treating pneumonia.”

Many lines of research indicate that people with low levels of vitamin C are at increased risk of developing pneumonia and other infections too.

Vitamin C supplementation or dietary intervention is particularly important for these people.

“Supplementing pneumonia patients who have low plasma vitamin C levels may be reasonable because of its safety and low cost.”

Vitamin C has numerous identified roles in the immune system.

A number of immune cells require large amounts of vitamin C to function properly.

“Its concentration in phagocytes and lymphocytes is very high.”

Vitamin C is most likely effective at lowering the risk of both viral and bacterial causes of pneumonia.

The nutrient can slow the replication of viruses even after the patient is infected.

“In various experimental settings vitamin C increased the functioning of phagocytes, the proliferation of T-lymphocytes and the production of interferon; and decreased replication of viruses.”

The only common side effect of too much vitamin C is diarrhoea.

In most people this happens with a dose of 2g per day.

“In the US nutritional recommendations, the ‘tolerable upper intake level’ is stated to be 2 g/day for adults. The basis for this upper limit is the appearance of diarrhoea which is, however, a trivial adverse effect that disappears quickly with a reduction in intake.”

There are however, numerous reports found that sick people have a much higher bowel tolerance for vitamin C.

“It has been stated that patients with pneumonia can take 100 g per day vitamin C without developing diarrhoea, probably because of changes in vitamin C metabolism during illness.”

Here they mean the commonly available form of vitamin C — ascorbic acid.

In clinical settings, very high doses of vitamin C can be given intravenously without any risk of causing diarrhea.

Recently, supplement manufacturers have developed a liposome of vitamin C.

This is orally available vitamin C which is much less likely to trigger diarrhea — meaning healthy people can take much more if they want to prevent infection.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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Vitamin C for preventing and treating pneumonia.