This special tea can protect men from Alzheimer’s disease

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It stops amyloid plaques from forming while significantly reducing memory problems

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This special tea can protect men from Alzheimer’s disease

L-Theanine (or just theanine as we generally call it) is an amino acid commonly found in tea.

Research has shown that theanine supplements can have a number of health benefits. 

Theanine is most well-known for its ability to prevent anxiety and lower cortisol.

But theanine has drawn interest from researchers in many different fields.

Alzheimer’s researchers have found that theanine has the ability to prevent signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

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These animal experiments were carried out at the College of Pharmacy and CBITRC, Chungbuk National University, Cheongju, Chungbuk 361-763, Korea.

The results were published in the journal Free Radical Biology & Medicine.

A protein called amyloid beta is believed to cause much of the damage to brain cells that we see in Alzheimer’s disease.

“Amyloid beta-induced neurotoxicity is a major pathological mechanism of Alzheimer disease.”

This study was designed to look at the effect of theanine supplementation on amyloid beta-induced brain damage.

“We investigated the inhibitory effect of theanine, a component of green tea, on amyloid beta-induced neuronal cell death and memory impairment.”

The researchers used theanine extracted from tea leaves. 

There are 2 types of theanine, however, most of the research is looking at L-theanine.

“L-Theanine, isolated from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, was supplied as a white powder by Taiyo Kahaku Co.”

The researchers gave lab mice supplemental theanine in their drinking water for a number of weeks.

“We supplied oral theanine (2 and 4 mg/kg) for 5 weeks in the drinking water of mice.”

After a few weeks of theanine supplementation, the researchers injected Alzheimer’s proteins into the brains of the lab mice.

“Oral treatment of theanine was followed by injection of amyloid beta.”

The researchers then carried out behavioural tests on the lab animals. The tests were designed to see if theanine could prevent memory impairments caused by Alzheimer’s proteins.

The study showed that theanine could significantly reduce memory problems caused by Alzheimer’s proteins.

“Oral treatment of l-theanine significantly attenuated amyloid beta-induced memory impairment.”

Theanine decreased the amount of Alzheimer’s proteins in the brains of the animals.

Treatment with theanine also led to less damage to brain cells from the Alzheimer’s proteins.

“Theanine reduced amyloid beta levels and neuronal cell death in the cortex and hippocampus of the brain.”

Further tests showed that theanine lowered a number of factors that are thought to cause damage to Alzheimer’s brains.

The researchers believe that theanine could prevent or possibly even treat Alzheimer’s disease.

“Theanine may be useful in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Previous experiments have shown that theanine has other protective effects on the brain. It can lower the risks from stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

“Theanine has demonstrated antioxidative properties and neuroprotective effects against ischemia and Parkinson-related neurotoxicants.”

Prior research has uncovered further evidence of theanine’s beneficial effect on memory.

“Theanine has been shown to improve memory function and prevent memory impairment induced by cerebral ischemia.”

The researchers were unable to calculate an equivalent human dose of theanine. But doses of 200mg to 500mg are often used to treat anxiety.

The doses of theanine used in this study are certainly significantly higher than what you would find in a cup of tea. 

However, there is evidence to suggest that drinking tea could protect mental faculties in old age.

“A study conducted in Japan showed that consumption of two or more cups per day (100 ml/cup) of green tea is associated with lower prevalence of cognitive impairment.”

Most of the tests showed greater benefit from the higher dose of theanine.

Theanine supplements have a very good safety profile. Side effects from theanine are very rare and are usually attributed to adulterants in the supplement.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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L-Theanine, an amino acid in green tea, attenuates β-amyloid-induced cognitive dysfunction and neurotoxicity: Reduction in oxidative damage and inactivation of ERK/p38 kinase and NF-κB pathways