This simple vitamin rebuilds cartilage for stronger bones

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This simple vitamin rebuilds cartilage for stronger bones

In our joints, we have cartilage which protects against bones rubbing against each other.

Cartilage is a durable but lubricated tissue — allowing a lot of force to be dissipated smoothly as we move about.

The knee is one of the joints most reliant on healthy cartilage.

But for many people knee cartilage degrades and wears out — causing pain and immobility.

This is often due to a process called osteoarthritis.

A number of nutrients have remarkable protective effects against osteoarthritis of the knee.

In some experiments, researchers found that just a little vitamin B2 decreased knee osteoarthritis by 50%!

B2 deficiency is one likely cause of osteoarthritis. Make sure you’re getting enough!

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These animal experiments were carried out at Biologische Forschungslaboratorien, Division Pharma, Ciba-Geigy AG, in Basel, Switzerland. The article was published in Zeitschrift Fur Rheumatologie.

The researchers carrying out these experiments were interested in the role of vitamin B2 in prevention of knee osteoarthritis.

To find out more, the researchers split male mice into two different groups.

Both groups of mice were fed on standard mouse food. But one group was given an extra supplement vitamin B2.

The supplement intervention lasted for four months.

“Mice were given riboflavin vitamin B2 in their drinking water daily for four months. the control group received only standard food.”

Then the researchers sacrificed and examined the joints of both groups of mice.

The examinations determined whether the mice had developed osteoarthritis in either knee.

Knee osteoarthritis was twice as likely in mice that did not get the B2 supplement.

“Examination of the joints at the end of the experiment showed that the incidence of knee osteoarthritis in the group given B2 was less than half that found in the controls.”

The researchers also looked at the number of mice which had developed osteoarthritis in two knees.

Again, vitamin B2 supplementation was associated with significantly lower levels of this affliction.

“The number of mice with bilateral knee osteoarthritis was also considerably smaller.”

Knee osteoarthritis spreads via areas of degeneration in the knee called lesions.

Even in B2-supplemented mice that did have osteoarthritis it was not as bad — the degenerated lesions in the knee were smaller.

“In the group given supplementary be to the severity of lesions were markedly less.”

There are a number of things which can improve knee osteoarthritis.

This includes vitamin zinc, plant flavonoids, and a chemical called tribenoside.

Vitamin B2 was found to be as effective as natural and chemical treatment for knee osteoarthritis.

“B-2 was compared to flavonoids, tribenoside, and zinc sulfate. These latter substances were also found to exert a similar inhibitory effect on spontaneous knee osteoarthritis in the mouse.”

In this study the animals were given a dose of B2 which was 1mg per 2 pounds of body weight. 

But mice and men have different metabolic systems, and so the dose for humans needs to be recalculated.

This works out to 5 to 10mg of B2 per day for a human.

This is the human equivalent dose which halved knee osteoarthritis in the animal study.

Vitamin B2 is found in small amounts in many foods. Dairy foods, mushrooms, and eggs can all help you increase B2.

Gjetost and goats cheese are some of the healthy foods highest in B2. 

If you eat a lot of these cheeses you’re probably good.

But to hit a target of 10mg of B2 per day you’ll probably need to supplement.

Vitamin B2 has very few side effects — although at very high doses it can increase the reaction of the skin to UV rays.

Vitamin B2 is also needed by the liver. It helps the liver to get rid of toxic estrogen — a major problem for guys with health problems.

Joint degeneration is not just something that happens as we age — some people in their 90s have no joint problems at all.

Knee osteoarthritis is seriously affected by dietary nutrients.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner by treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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