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This secret anti-aging hormone helps thyroid and boosts rockiness

The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland that sits at the base of the throat.

This gland produces a couple of hormones. These hormones regulate energy production in every cell of the body.

Your health depends largely on your body’s ability to produce energy efficiently.

This is why thyroid problems have an enormous list of possible symptoms.

Recently, researchers looked into the relationship between thyroid and metabolic syndrome.

They found that people with sub-optimal thyroid labs, still within the normal range, were at much higher risk for a whole host of health problems.

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The human research was carried out at the Sapienza University of Rome in Italy. The report was published by the Journal of Aging Clinical and Experimental Research.

The researchers actually set out to learn about vitamin D.

They selected people who did not have clinical thyroid problems — these people are called euthyroid.

“We explored the relationship between thyroid hormones, Vitamin D and metabolic syndrome in euthyroid subjects.”

Euthyroid is often defined by the levels of TSH.

TSH is a hormone that changes based on the amount of thyroid hormones in the blood.

Higher TSH levels usually means lower levels of thyroid hormones. 

The cutoff point for TSH has been coming down over the years.

Initially people with the TSH above 10 were considered to be hypothyroid or low thyroid.

Many health authorities then realized that TSH cut off needed to be lowered — they brought it down to 5.

This study only recruited people with a TSH 4 or below.

No clinically hypothyroid people were included in the study.

They then split the recruits into two groups.

“123 community-dwelling subjects were enrolled.”

Group 1 included people with a TSH from 0.5 to 2.

Group 2 included everyone with a TSH between 2 and 4.

“According to TSH values the sample was divided into: (1) group 1 (TSH ≤ 2 ); (2) group 2 (TSH > 2 ).”

People with a higher TSH were much more likely to be diagnosed with metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndrome includes: obesity, pressure, high blood sugar, and high triglycerides.

These are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes.

“Group 2 showed a higher percentage of subjects with metabolic syndrome.”

32% of people in the low TSH group had metabolic syndrome. This increased to 59% in the higher TSH group.

People with a TSH above 2 were almost twice as likely to have metabolic syndrome.

Remember, everybody in this study was well within the normal range for TSH.

These people have suboptimal thyroid function — not clinically low thyroid.

People with higher TSH were also more likely to have high blood pressure.

“Group 2 showed a higher percentage of subjects with hypertension.”

58% of subjects in lower TSH and hypertension.

This increased to 76% in people with higher TSH.

Higher TSH levels also correlated with bigger bellies.

“Group 2 showed larger waist circumference.”

Mean waist measurements went from 95cm in the low TSH group up to 103cm in the higher (but still normal) TSH group.

People with a suboptimal thyroid function within the normal range are at higher risk of many health problems.

“Our results show the possible association between thyroid hormones and metabolic syndrome.”

The researchers looked at thyroid hormone levels too. The results were as expected.

People with higher TSH levels had lower levels of thyroid hormones.

Metabolic syndrome is a very strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

“Given district associations between the metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease…”

So optimizing thyroid hormone levels could lower the risk of cardiovascular problems. Even for people without clinical hypothyroidism.

“…the TSH levels in euthyroid subjects could be exploited to prevent and/or reduce the possible onset of cardiovascular disease, with a reduction in morbidity and mortality.”

This study brings good information to light. But it’s not the first time that observations between thyroid and heart problems have been made.

Dr. Broda Barnes was writing about the relationship between thyroid hormones and heart disease way back in the 1970s.

He got a lot right — even without today’s advanced lab testing.

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Thyroid hormones, metabolic syndrome and Vitamin D in middle-aged and older euthyroid subjects: a preliminary study