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Matt Cook here, and I know what it’s like to live with chronic pain.

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This reduces pain by 90% in 7 minutes or less

Back pain is notoriously difficult to treat.

Even more so when the cause is unknown and the pain persists for a long period of time.

Pain experts call this “chronic non-specific low back pain.”

The pain can be excruciating and constant. This can lead to the use of harmful treatments just to get through the day.

But there are some scientifically proven chemical-free treatments for conditions like this.

One of these treatments is light.

Researchers use a pulsed laser to deliver therapeutic light deep into the tissues of the lower back. 

This harmless treatment can have a remarkable effect on pain and quality-of-life.

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These human experiments were carried out at the School of medicine at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. The results were published in Advances in Rheumatology.

In recent years a number of non-invasive, chemical-free treatments have gained attention amongst pain researchers.

These include ultrasound and pulsed laser.

This study was designed to compare the effect of ultrasound against pulsed laser in the reduction of chronic low back pain.

“We compared the short-term effects of pulsed laser and pulsed and continuous ultrasound on pain in chronic non-specific low back pain.”

100 participants diagnosed with this condition were included in the study.

The participants were randomly split into four groups with 24 to 26 people in each group.

Group 1 was treated with a pulsed laser.

Group 2 received pulsed ultrasound treatment. 

Group 3 received continuous ultrasound treatment.

The fourth and final group did not receive any treatment at all.

The researchers compared changes in pain before and after treatments.

They were also able to make comparisons between groups.

Pain levels were assessed using a visual analogue scale.

This involves the patient marking out their levels of pain on a chart.

The researchers also assessed pain and quality of life using multiple choice questionnaires.

The participants in the active groups had 10 treatment sessions each.

“Pain intensity was assessed using a visual analogue scale, the quality of pain was evaluated using the McGill pain questionnaire and functional disability was investigated using the Roland–Morris questionnaire.”

All of the treatments were effective at decreasing pain. But the pulsed laser therapy was by far the most effective.

“The three treated groups exhibited a decrease in pain; the Pulsed Laser Group showed the greater relative gain (91.2%).”

Pain was rated on a visual scale of 1 to 10. Larger numbers indicate greater pain.

Prior to treatment, the average pain levels were 5.7 in the pulsed laser treatment group.

Pulsed laser treatment brought pain levels down to 0.5. A decrease of 5.2 points.

Pulsed laser treatment decreased pain by over 90%.

The ultrasound treatments decreased pain by about 60%, which isn’t bad either.

All three groups reported improvements in quality-of-life.

But, pulsed laser therapy is by far the most effective non-invasive, chemical-free treatment for chronic low back pain.

“The pulsed low-level laser had the best results on pain.”

The laser used in this study could set a maximum of 70W of light power.

But the lasers are pulsed on and off rapidly in order to prevent any tissue damage or even noticeable heat buildup.

The pulsed laser treatments consisted of 75 seconds of illumination on six different points on the lower back.

The total treatment time is only 7.5 minutes per session.

Pulsed laser treatments are becoming more and more common among healthcare professionals like physiotherapists.

There is more than likely a laser therapy practitioner in your area.

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Comparison of the effects of low-level laser and pulsed and continuous ultrasound on pain and physical disability in chronic non-specific low back pain: a randomized controlled clinical trial