This pointing finger technique will score you huge points in bed

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This pointing finger technique will score you huge points in bed (women LOVE this)

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These B vitamins naturally lower men’s estrogen levels

I have written many articles and some newsletters which focus on the problems of excess estrogen.

Excess estrogen causes obesity, erections problems, cardiovascular problems, mood disorders, bone loss…

Well, the list is almost endless.

Much of our estrogen comes from testosterone – converted by an enzyme called aromatase.

Substances like zinc and foods like mushrooms can be useful for controlling estrogen because they block the aromatase enzyme.

In fact, chemical-grade aromatase inhibitors can be remarkably effective at fighting serious illnesses up to and including cancer.

They can come with nasty side effects too.

But there is another element of estrogen management which is safe, effective, and massively overlooked.

Much of our estrogen is deactivated or detoxified in the liver. And the liver needs a couple of B vitamins in order to do this.

Many people do not get enough of these vitamins, and increasing your intake could have a major effect on your estrogen levels.

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The animal research was carried out at the Memorial Hospital for the Treatment of Cancer and Allied Diseases, New York, and the Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research, Rahway, New Jersey. The paper was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

This is an older study – an extremely important one, long forgotten by many people…

Probably because the solutions provided by the research are extremely cheap.

The initial discovery was that liver samples taken from animals have a huge effect on estrogen metabolism.

“Several authors have investigated the role of the liver in estrogen metabolism. Liver slices from dogs, rats, and mice have been found to metabolize estrogens in vitro.”

Later studies showed that water-soluble B vitamins have a major effect on how the liver metabolizes estrogen.

B vitamin deficiency influences estrus in animals. Estrus is massively influenced by estrogen.

“Researchers carried out experiments in rats where an ovary was removed and the other transplanted into the spleen… These animals showed signs of estrus when maintained on a diet deficient in the vitamin B complex, whereas the controls fed a normal diet failed to do so.”

(In other words, B vitamin deficiency somehow supercharges estrogen levels.)

After that, researchers looked at the effect of individual nutrients on the metabolism of estrogen (estradiol) in the liver.

“The present paper deals with the effect of deficiencies of individual known members of the B complex and of vitamin A on the ability of rat and mouse liver slices to inactivate estradiol.”

Those experiments proved that the B vitamins needed to detoxify estrogen were vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin B2 (riboflavin).

Animals deficient in either of these vitamins were unable to inactivate estrogen – leading to ever-increasing levels of estrogen in the body.

“Liver slices from B2 and B1-deficient rats are unable to inactivate estradiol under conditions in which slices from controls on the same diets, but receiving adequate amounts of these vitamins, possess this activity.”

Adequate levels of vitamins B1 and B2 allowed animals to detoxify estrogen.

But a deficiency in either of these vitamins meant they were unable to inactivate estrogen efficiently.

“This loss of inactivating ability parallels the change of riboflavin and thiamine content in the liver.”

This is a major and often overlooked factor in the control of estrogen levels…

And increasing your intake of these 2 nutrients can help to detoxify estrogen and improve the health of the entire body.

Estrogen is known as a feminizing hormone – and it is for men – it can lead to man boobs and a more feminine mindset.

But estrogen is better understood as an inflammatory hormone which causes pain and chronic disease.

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This 1 food dramatically raises your testosterone levels while lowering estrogen

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