This one romantic activity relieves chronic pain

Do this with a loved one as your pain literally melts away…

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Matt Cook here, and there’s one really pleasurable, romantic activity that any man can do to treat pain…

…even chronic pain that lasts for months or years…

And you can do this alone, or with a loved one, and you can enjoy being together, connecting on an intimate level…

…as your pain just fades away, naturally and safely, in a way that’s good for the body and even greater for your psyche…

Try this and start living pain free as soon as today.

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This one romantic activity relieves chronic pain

Back pain, muscle pain, arthritis – most people suffer with some form of chronic pain.

Pain treatments can be effective for some of these conditions – but at a price…

They can do harm to the liver, cause hormonal imbalances, or even make pain worse over time.

Yet for many of these chronic pain conditions, there are natural and effective solutions which carry little risk.

For example, heat has the ability to treat pain.

And research has shown that heat acts on the biochemical roots of pain – lowering inflammation at the cellular level.

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The lab experiments were carried out at Taipei Medical University. The findings were published in the Journal of Medical and Biological Engineering.

Pain can seem to be a complicated issue.

Some pain experts focus on brain chemicals.

Some experts focus on stress and emotions.

Others focus on nutrition.

None of these approaches are wrong.

This is because pain is a long series of chain reactions.

These chain reactions begin at the site of pain and have knock-on effects into the brain.

Many pain killing medications pack on these first biochemical problems which occur at the site of pain.

The biochemical generators of pain include things like INOS, COX-2, and PGE2.

These inflammatory agents increase when you have an injury or a long term pain syndrome.

The older people get, the more difficult it is for the body to reign in these pain generators.

“Inflammation and pain are the major chronic symptoms in geriatric medicine.”

Heat has long been known to reduce certain types of pain.

This study was designed to see whether heat could have any effect on the biochemical foundations of pain.

The study used ceramic heat generators which direct infrared heat.

But this type of heat is no different than what you would get from a heated blanket or a fireplace.

“This study examines the possible mechanism of a far-infrared ray-emitting ceramic material (bioceramic) on these symptoms using cell models.”

The scientists carried out their experiments on cells.

Cells were exposed to bacterial toxins which can be produced in the gut.

These are very effective at triggering inflammation and pain.

“Effective doses of bacterial toxins were added to cause inflammation in rodents and human cells.”

Once the cells were producing inflammatory mediators which cause pain (INOS, COX-2, and PGE2), the researchers exposed them to gentle infrared heat.

Heat had a massive effect on two of the most important generators of inflammation and pain.

“Bioceramic heat treatment was found to have significant inhibitory effects on COX-2 and PGE2.”

COX2 and PGE2 are the targets of numerous pain treatments, including aspirin.

Heat fights pain by lowering the inflammatory substances that trigger pain.

The third substance tested (INOS) was less affected by heat.

The researchers concluded that heat can be a useful method to treat the roots of chronic pain syndromes.

“Heat treatment may be an alternative method for pain control.”

It’s important to understand that this is not just another option for the treatment of pain.

Heat is different because it does not bring the risks which can be associated with many pain-killing treatments.

In younger people, pain treatments can cause disease over years. In older people these treatments can cause death pretty rapidly.

“Heat treatment may be a method to reduce chemical ‘treatment’ dependence for the protection of kidney function in populations with chronic pain syndromes.”

The study used bioceramics, an emerging technology, to generate heat – but other methods are just as effective.

Heat blankets, infrared lamps, infrared clothing — even sitting by a real, cozy, romantic fireplace with a loved one — can all have the same therapeutic effect.

As we get older we can have problems generating enough energy, which impairs our ability to recover from pain trauma.

Heat transfers more energy into our body and so helps us to reduce pain.

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In vitro cell study of possible anti-inflammatory and pain relief mechanism of far-infrared ray-emitting ceramic material