This one miracle vitamin can help you fight and prevent cancer

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Most men are deficient in this miracle vitamin


Matt Cook here, and this vitamin has always been great for men, but now studies are finding it is even more miraculous than we thought.

In fact, it can fight and treat cancer!

So make sure you’re taking this — it can save your life.

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This one miracle vitamin can help you prevent and fight cancer

The sunshine vitamin — otherwise known as vitamin D3 — is necessary for good health. 

Kids that are extremely deficient in Vitamin D can develop a condition called rickets which can cause delayed growth and muscle weakness.

But a lack of vitamin D is also a BIG problem for adults. 

And most adults that don’t live in equatorial climates are deficient in this miracle vitamin.

You can easily find out if you are deficient through a simple blood test and it’s a very good thing to know.

That’s because study after study shows the benefit of vitamin D. It can even prevent death from cancer!

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A recent German study showed that if every German over the age of 50 took vitamin D supplements then up to 30,000 cancer deaths per year could be avoided!

If all Germans over the age of 50 were to take vitamin D supplements, up to 30,000 cancer deaths per year could possibly be avoided and more than 300,000 years of life could be gained — in addition, health care costs could be saved.

That’s a huge amount of people still living and a huge amount of quality of life issues that are improved.

This was a meta analysis of large clinical studies and they ALL came to the same conclusion.

The studies came to the same conclusion: cancer mortality is reduced by around 13 percent with vitamin D supplementation — across all cancers. 

Having enough vitamin D in your body cuts your risk of dying from cancer DRAMATICALLY. 

And it doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have. It works for prostate cancer as well as skin cancer.

Supplementing with vitamin D also has the potential to save you A LOT of money. 

It’s far less expensive to supplement with vitamin D than it is to treat cancer. 

The researchers took the cost of cancer treatment from the scientific literature, assuming mean additional treatment costs of €40,000 for the last year of life. 

Vitamin D also has lots of other positive health benefits.

There is mounting evidence of other positive health effects of adequate vitamin D supply, such as in lung disease mortality rates,” says Brenner.

Vitamin D even seems to help with heart function by preventing atrial fibrillation.

Vitamin D treatment was found to reduce the risk of POAF (preoperative atrial fibrillation) development by 0.24 times (p = 0.034).

And while this study doesn’t show it, I also believe that having adequate levels of vitamin D may HELP prevent cancer from developing in the first place.

Regardless, it’s a good idea to take a vitamin D supplement — always take vitamin D3 or to spend enough time outdoors for your skin to make vitamin D.

To improve one’s vitamin D levels at absolutely no cost, DKFZ’s Cancer Information Service recommends spending time outdoors in the sunshine, two to three times a week for about twelve minutes. Face, hands and parts of arms and legs should be uncovered and without sunscreen for this period of time.

Vitamin D is one of those substances that our body makes naturally from sunlight, but many people don’t get enough sunlight on their skin to make enough vitamin D.  

In that case supplementing is safe, inexpensive and may have massive health benefits.

Of course, if you are diagnosed with cancer make sure you work with your doctor for the best treatment alternatives. 

Supplementing with vitamin D is not a substitute for proper treatment.

—-Important Message for Beating Cancer—-

This cheap white powder oxygenates the cells and KILLS cancer cells

Multiple studies show that cancer cells thrive in low-oxygen states… 

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…so cancer cells hate oxygen the way a burglar in the night hates bright lights.

And this natural white powder — it oxygenates the cells according to a mouse study, making cells healthier and more resistant to cancer.

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Here’s the cheap white powder that oxygenates the cells and KILLS cancer cells — and you only need a pinch…


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