This one fruit restores youthful metabolism in men

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It improves libido, blood flow, and blood pressure – while reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes…

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This one fruit restores youthful metabolism in men

How about a way to improve metabolism?

This will restore youthful testosterone levels, youthful libido, AND make you stay younger for longer.

Sound far-fetched? Well it’s not.

Because now in Southeast Asia, the rambutan fruit has been studied for its ability to improve the symptoms of aging – including so-called metabolic syndrome.

Recently, researchers have been experimenting with rambutan fruit extracts.

They found that rambutan may have numerous benefits for people with metabolic syndrome.

The rambutan extract was particularly effective at lowering blood pressure.

These researchers carried out animal experiments at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia.

The Journal of Integrative Medicine published the results.

They designed this study to investigate the effect of a rambutan fruit extract on symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

They tested the extract (called geraniin) on rats fed a high-fat diet that causes metabolic syndrome in rats.

“The study serves to further investigate the effects of geraniin at increasing doses between 3 to 100 mg/kg in high-fat diet-treated rats.”

The researchers acquired fresh rambutan fruit at the local market and they processed the rinds of this fruit to make a high-purity geraniin extract.

“Geraniin (95% purity) was extracted and purified from rambutan rind.”

The researchers used 64 rats in the experiment.

They fed 8 rats a normal rat diet and the remaining 56 rats ate a high-fat diet.

“Two groups of male rats were fed with 60% high-fat diet and standard rat chow, respectively, for 12 weeks.”

They further split the high-fat group into seven groups of eight rats each.

Then they gave six of those groups different doses of the rambutan extract.

“High-fat diet-treated rats were then administered geraniin at different doses.”

Throughout the study, the researchers tracked risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

“Body weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose readings were measured.”

At the end of the 12-week study, the researchers collected even more health data from the different groups of animals.

“At the end of treatment, blood was collected for analysis of HbA1c, insulin, advanced glycation end-product levels, renin, and aldosterone.”

Animals fed a high-fat diet developed many of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

For example, the animals on the high-fat diet quickly developed high blood pressure – compared to those on the normal diet.

But the high-fat animals given the fruit extract had lower blood pressure compared to the high-fat animals that did not receive the supplement.

“Even the lowest dose of geraniin caused a significant reduction in blood pressure.”

Blood pressure in the supplemented sick animals was similar to blood pressure in the healthy animals.

“Within the first week of treatment, geraniin reduced blood pressure – which was comparable to that seen in the control…rats.”

So, indeed, the rambutan fruit extract seems to protect against increased blood pressure in animals with metabolic syndrome.

“Geraniin at lower doses improved blood pressure.”

The lowest dose of rambutan fruit extract also improved insulin levels and insulin resistance.

“There was a significant reduction in serum insulin and insulin resistance at the lowest dose.”

The rats experienced improvements in blood pressure with every dose of the rambutan fruit extract.

But, weirdly, only the lower doses of the extract improved insulin markers.

“Decreased insulin and insulin resistance were observed only at the lower doses, unlike the results observed for blood pressure reduction.”

It seems clear that this compound from the rind of the rambutan fruit could be useful for fighting many symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

“Based on our results and previous studies, geraniin has shown viability in alleviating the metabolic parameters.”

Other fruits, including grapes and citrus fruits, have also been proven to have beneficial compounds concentrated in the rind or skin.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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