This one cheap treatment fixes gut problems fast

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Helps with frequent burping, bouts of diarrhea or constipation, and more

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71-year-old doctor’s morning “trick” for gaining muscle mass and stamina

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Despite what you may have been told, you do NOT have to kill yourself at the gym to maintain good muscle mass.

You do NOT even have to lift weights.

My friend and colleague, medical doctor David Minkoff, is proof of this.

He’s 71 years old and still hasn’t lost his muscle mass. In fact, he’s the very opposite of weak or frail.

My older patients are always fascinated by how strong and fit he is.

And all he’s doing boils down to a 5-second trick Dr. Minkoff does every morning…

And no, this has nothing to do with warming up, stretching, or drinking protein shakes.

This is the “lazy” way to greater muscle mass.

But like I always say: work smarter not harder!

This 5-second morning trick boosts lean muscle mass — I’m using it myself and I’m amazed at the results!


This one cheap treatment fixes gut problems fast

Cyproheptadine is an old serotonin and histamine antagonist treatment, which has fallen out of common use in favor of new and supposedly better treatments.

With aging or stress, subtle digestive problems are often key indicators that the overall metabolism is failing.

Think about it…

The canonical symptom of chronic stress in animal experiments is a gastric ulcer, and the same holds true in humans.

Digestion processes are largely influenced by the parasympathetic nervous system, which is active when we are at rest, with an optimal rate of metabolism.

With chronic stress, thyroid function gets suppressed, resulting in lower body temperatures.

This allows serotonin to rise in the digestive tract, and an excess of serotonin is associated with all sorts of digestive and systemic disorders.

This can lead to lower appetite, frequent burping, diarrhea (but also constipation), and a general sense of unease, and low energy levels.

Post-menopausal women, or men in their 50s and 60s can start to experience these symptoms.

The serotonin excess leads to digestive troubles, which in turn causes loss of appetite and ensuing weight loss and muscle wasting.

This is a very sad state of affairs, reflecting fundamental metabolic failures and can progress to severe pathologies.

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Fortunately, an inexpensive and safe treatment like cyproheptadine can provide profound relief of digestive problems, while increasing appetite and weight gain:

CY appears to be a safe, generally well-tolerated medication that has utility in helping facilitate weight gain in patients drawn from a variety of underweight populations. – Harrison et al. (2019)

From personal experience, I have seen men and women in their 50s and 60s, experience a definite ‘’revival’’ from various conditions of anxiety, low energy, poor digestion, acid reflux, and muscle wasting/unwanted weight loss.

In a matter of days, these people gained back their appetite, improved their digestion, and experienced all-around wellbeing, sometimes for the first time in years.

By lowering serotonin levels, cyproheptadine also helps tackle depression problems, contrary to mainstream ideas.

In summary, a few milligrams of cyproheptadine daily (0.5 to 4mg) can bring profound relief.

I’ve found this incredibly useful for this and many other conditions.

One word of caution however…

Cyproheptadine (and other serotonin antagonists) do not fix the causes of the problem, namely, chronic stress and/or inadequate lifestyle circumstances.

But it can bring enough relief for people to reevaluate their life and make the necessary changes to avoid unnecessary stress.

If you are under a doctor’s care, talk to him or her first about cyproheptadine before taking it.

It can make you profoundly sleepy, so I take it before bedtime.

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This secret body-temperature-raising molecule may let men live decades longer

Men like George Bush, Rod Stewart, and Joe Piscopo have been secretly taking this weird molecule for years.

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It’s a natural “anti-aging” molecule that was first discovered in 1950 by Dr. Broda Barnes.

He tested this molecule on more than 3,000 men, reporting powerful health benefits like a faster metabolism, perfect blood pressure, more stamina, even better sexual abilities…

And since then, it’s been kept a secret — only available to the affluent, privileged upper class of celebrities and politicians.

Until now… I’ve found a way to make it available to men like you and me.

But there’s no telling when it may get “banned” again!

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