This naturally increases dopamine and boosts libido

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60% of men who used this started having more sex more often

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This naturally increases dopamine and boosts libido

Dopamine is an important but often overlooked aspect of sexual health.

This neurotransmitter plays a large role in positive feelings and mental drive.

There is also a complex relationship between dopamine and testosterone – both are needed for good health.

Dopamine acts by activating the dopamine receptors. 

But there are other compounds that can also activate these receptors, having the same effect.

One human study looked at one such compound called lisuride – well studied for its dopaminergic properties.

Lisuride can boost testosterone levels and increase sex drive in men. 

It does this by lowering prolactin

But natural ways to boost dopamine can have the same effect.

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The human research was carried out at the Universidad Complutense, Medical School, Madrid, Spain. The American Journal of Kidney Disease published the results.

The human trial was carried out on a group of 20 men with kidney failure

Renal failure causes changes in critical hormones – leading to low libido.

These hormonal changes can occur in men without kidney failure too.

The researchers looked at the effect of the dopaminergic medication lisuride on hormones and sexual function in these men.

“We investigated the effects of lisuride on prolactin, testosterone, libido and coital frequency of male patients with chronic renal failure.”

The men were divided into two groups depending on how high their levels of the hormone prolactin were at baseline.

Lisuride increased testosterone levels in all 20 men.

“Low levels of plasma testosterone found initially in all the patients, increased in both groups of patients.”

Average testosterone went from 380 to 440 in men with normal levels of prolactin at the outset.

For men with high prolactin, average testosterone jumped from around 310 up to 560.

Alongside increasing testosterone, lisuride improved the sex lives of men in the study, particularly those with high prolactin.

“The increase in testosterone was greater in hyperprolactinemic patients and was accompanied by a clear improvement in the studied parameters of sexual behaviors.”

80% of high-prolactin men reported increased sex drive during study.

60% of those men reported having more sex.

“An increase in the libido was reported by 80% of the hyperprolactinemic patients accompanied by an increase [in coital activity for] 60%.”

Prolactin is the hormone that seems to cause many of these sexual problems. 

But the dopamine receptors play a large role in controlling prolactin.

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The relationship between prolactin and dopamine was outlined in a 2008 article published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

The authors outline the role of dopamine in restraining prolactin secretion, something that has been used for many mood and motivation disorders.

“Dopamine holds a predominant role in the regulation of prolactin secretion.”

Activating the dopamine receptors with lisuride or dopamine lowers prolactin, increasing testosterone and sex drive.

There were some side effects from lisuride in the study, though they decreased with time.

“Lisuride was fairly well tolerated, did not induce hypotension, and the overall incidence of side effects decreased along the study.”

Still, lisuride is a prescription-only med that does have some side effects.

In most cases, it’s best to try to increase dopamine naturally to achieve the same effect.

Coffee, creatine, and aspirin all increase dopamine levels.

Lowering psychological stress and setting achievable goals for yourself (winning) are also shown to improve dopamine.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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