This Natural Remedy Quickly Raises Testosterone Levels in Men

This Natural Remedy Quickly Raises Testosterone Levels in Men

Researchers from Saudi Arabia have discovered a brand-new natural way to boost testosterone – and it can cure type 2 diabetes…

—-Important Message about Testosterone—-

Fellow Health Renegade: I have never been a man who plays by the rules…

Not when it comes to my health.

Not when Big Pharma runs the medical industry and dictates what men should and shouldn’t do for their health.

I like to do little experiments on myself and test out natural protocols instead… And one of the best experiments I ever did was for testosterone.

I’d gotten fed up with what the doctor was telling me to do… Because it wasn’t working.

So I decided to start violating all his “rules” and do my own experiment.

And it was the best thing I ever did for myself. My testosterone levels started skyrocketing all on their own.

My doctor wasn’t too happy about it, LOL. But even he couldn’t deny the results.

And now I’ve made it into a protocol that any man can follow to naturally raise his testosterone levels.

Here’s what I did (even ABC news interviewed me about this experiment).


This Natural Remedy Quickly Raises Testosterone Levels in Men

As the diabetes epidemic explodes, we are beginning to uncover more and more problems related to the disease.

In recent years, scientists have discovered a strong link between type 2 diabetes and low testosterone.

This leads to a whole host of problems including infertility.

Some researchers are investigating natural remedies that people have been using to treat diabetes for thousands of years.

Recently, researchers showed that olive leaf extract can fight diabetes … And that it can also fight low testosterone, protecting the male reproductive system.

Olive leaves extract attenuates type II diabetes mellitus-induced testicular damage in rats: Molecular and biochemical study

These researchers carried out animal experiments at the Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. They published the results in the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal.

Chronically elevated blood sugar causes a lot of problems, including low testosterone.

“Sustained hyperglycemia has been linked with many complications including impaired male fertility.”

Different parts of the olive tree have been used for thousands of years to treat high blood sugar.

“Olive tree leaves have been extensively used in traditional remedies worldwide to control blood glucose level in type 2 diabetes.”

This research looked at the effect of olive leaf extract on diabetes-related testicular problems in rats.

“In this study, the beneficial role of olive leaves extract was investigated to combat diabetes-induced adverse effect on testicular tissues.”

They sorted lab rats into five groups of six and gave some of them chemicals that cause type 2 diabetes.

Then they gave some of those rats different treatments – including olive leaf extract (OLE).

“Diabetic rats were given OLE for 9 weeks to investigate the efficiency of OLE in reducing the effect of diabetes on the reproductive system.”

They looked at blood sugar and insulin levels. They also tested their testosterone and gonadotropins (hormones that stimulate the testes).

“Rats were checked for serum glucose, insulin, testosterone, and gonadotropins.”

Testosterone is one of the most important male hormones and gonadotropins are hormones that control the production of sperm and testosterone.

The diabetic animals that did not receive treatment had lower levels of testosterone and gonadotropins.

“Chemically induced type 2 diabetes significantly decreased serum levels of insulin, testosterone, and gonadotropins.”

These negative effects were accompanied by damage to the testicles and deteriorating sperm health.

“We also sought deterioration of the testicular histoarchitecture and epididymal sperm characteristics.”

Both low-dose and high-dose olive leaf extract protected the male reproductive system against type 2 diabetes.

“Olive leaf extract resulted in a significant recovery of the above-mentioned parameters in diabetic rats.”

The researchers ran parallel experiments with a drug called glibenclamide which is used to treat high blood sugar.

Olive leaf extract was more effective than the pharmaceutical drug.

“Olive leaf extract shows greater glycaemic improvement and testicular protection than glibenclamide.”

The effects of olive leaf extract were dose-dependent…

Higher doses provided more protection.

“The highest degree of protection was exhibited by the high dose of olive leaf extract.”

Steroidogenic enzymes produce male hormones such as testosterone.

Olive leaf extract increased these enzymes.

“OLE significantly induced testicular steroidogenesis in diabetic rats as evidenced by elevated [steroidogenic enzyme] expression.”

So it seems that olive leaf extract could protect the male reproductive system against the deleterious effects of type 2 diabetes.

“The study proves that OLE possesses a potential protective role against diabetes-induced reproductive disorders.”

The researchers found two major beneficial effects of olive leaf extract.

The first was increasing the steroidogenic enzymes.

The other protective effect was reducing oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is what happens when free electrons get out of control and damage cells and DNA.

Olive leaf extract has an antioxidant effect, meaning it soaks up the free electrons that cause oxidative stress.

“The protective effects may be due to antioxidant activity and the ability to normalize testicular steroidogenesis.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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