This makes you the dominant man all women want

This is what all women are secretly craving

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This makes you the dominant man all women want

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Today’s guys aren’t as dominant or aggressive — and I think it’s because of the war on boys…

…the way men are being raised by female teachers, and taught by female values, not to be aggressive, dominant men.

And I can relate, because I have sisters and they had a strong influence on me growing up.

They’d tell stories over dinner about pushy boys trying to get into their pants.

The message was always, “Boys just want one thing,” and I guess that made me grow up being ashamed of my sex drive.

And it made me horrible with girls for a long, long time.

But the truth is — women crave a dominant man.

That’s what they’re reading in Fifty Shades of Gray and all these other romance novels — being taken by a strong man.

That’s what they like. That’s what they want.

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A woman wants a strong, assertive, dominant man to sweep her off her feet — just like one of the guys from these romance novels.

It’s what all women really, truly want but can never say out loud…

And I’ve perfected a method that helps transform you into the strong, dominant Alpha male all women respond to…

It allows you to be you — with a sexy dangerous edge…

And it makes it easy for you to attract and seduce a woman, and even make her your girlfriend if that’s what you want…


This gives you a masculine mindset

Matt Cook here, and men are dominant and assertive by nature.

Women are also naturally attracted to this type of man.

According to research, testosterone is the key to achieve that.

Testosterone increases when a man needs to be dominant and assertive…

For example, in an argument with another man or in a competition.

So, men, by nature, want to be superior in all circumstances.

You’ve all experienced the competition between men in your life.

When men enter an environment, we immediately perceive other men and form judgments in our minds.

These are the building blocks of male social interactions.

Sometimes a firm handshake, a deep voice, or a muscular body can make you the man of the hour.

But let me tell you a secret…

… they’re not the real deal.

The real deal is…


Because being a dominant man is directly related to your mentality.

You all know that “muscular but insecure” man.

Don’t be fooled by his muscles, because his testosterone may be low despite them.

Testosterone is not only a physically effective hormone, it also affects mentality a lot.

Testosterone is the building block of a masculine mindset.

And now, let’s take a look at the study that proves that.

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This study was conducted at Shenzhen University. It was published in Hormones and Behaviour.

Vocal cues are one of the ways that men perceive other men’s dominance.

So, the researchers gave a group of men exogenous testosterone to see if testosterone changes how men react to other men’s voices.

In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the researchers asked the participants to listen to various male voice samples.

They called this the “vocal judgment task.

There were strong differences between the placebo group and the group that received 150mg of exogenous testosterone.

The testosterone group did not find the voices as dominant as the other group.

So, testosterone made them less intimidated by these voices.

“In other words, men who are given testosterone perceived the same objective differences in Pf as less salient when evaluating men’s dominance, compared to men in the placebo group, indicating that testosterone decreases men’s sensitivity to cues of dominance in male voices.”

This was not because they felt more dominant (this was also tested)…

…it was just that higher levels of testosterone reduced the levels of exposure.

“Notably, there was no significant difference between the two groups in self-rated dominance before gel administration. Thus, differences in dominance sensitivity between the two treatment groups were not an artifact of differences in those groups’ self-rated dominance.”

So, men with high testosterone levels are less affected by other men and dangerous incidents.

That means they are braver, more fearless, and more DOMINANT.

That’s exactly the type of man women want.

And that’s why you should increase your testosterone.

Because here’s the reality…

Men’s testosterone levels are in a severe downward trend.


Because modern times have declared WAR on men’s testosterone levels.

Unhealthy and processed foods, xenoestrogens, microplastics, radiation, cultural corruption, and many more…

…are literally destroying men’s testosterone levels.

Just reading this newsletter has already put you ahead of other men.

Because I’ve written many times about strategies to increase testosterone – so you have a competitive advantage.

If you…

  • Exercise
  • Eat animal-based whole foods and quality carbohydrates
  • Use testosterone-boosting supplements
  • Eliminate the testosterone killers I mentioned above
  • Read my previous articles about testosterone

You can and will seize the opportunity.

—-Important Message About Boosting Your Testosterone—-

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