This is why lung cancer is so common today

These are now linked to LUNG CANCER in men…

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Are you taking 1 of these 5 dangerous medications?

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I’ve discovered 5 Big Pharma treatments for men that are actually making men SICKER…

It seems crazy, but not all treatments are safe, despite doctors giving them out.

And it’s not the doctor’s fault… It’s the companies who make these treatments.

Like Bayer and Johnson and Johnson, the makers of Xarelto…

They finally settled for close to $800 million for failing to warn men about deadly bleeding episodes caused by Xarelto:

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And believe it or not, there are so many more Big Pharma companies doing the same thing…hiding dangerous side effects…

So do me a favor and check your bottles real quick…

These are the top 5 Big Pharma treatments to avoid (and I’ll give you a better, more natural alternative for each one)


This is why lung cancer is so common today

There are lots of compounds that are SIRT 1 activators — resveratrol being the most popular.

Resveratrol has received a massive amount of media attention over the last couple of decades for its alleged anti-aging properties.

It has become a very popular supplement because of this.

But theories about resveratrol being anti aging are incorrect. This fact has even been published in the Los Angeles Times back in 2014.

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Many have not got the message yet.

What is worse is the fact that resveratrol was alleged to be beneficial because it worked on a gene/protein called SIRT1.

It does affect the gene – but that is a bad thing.

SIRT1 can cause many problems in the body, including increasing the risk of cancer.

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The cell research was carried out at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan. The paper was published in Oncology Letters.

“Sirt can reportedly repress cellular apoptosis and senescence to affect DNA repair, stress response and aging.”

Those are the claims – based on theories – but let’s see what the research says…

Firstly, previous research has shown that SIRT1 may increase or decrease the risk of tumors…

“Notably, previous data have indicated that Sirt1 is both a tumor promoter and a tumor suppressor in tumorigenesis.”

To learn more, these researchers looked at the effect of SIRT1 on lung cancer.

“However, Sirt1 expression in primary lung adenocarcinoma remains unknown.”

They analyzed the levels of SIRT1 in lung cancer cells.

“Immunohistochemical staining was performed to investigate Sirt1 expression in cancer cells in 125 consecutive resected cases of primary lung adenocarcinoma”.

They found a significant increase in SIRT1 in many cancerous cells compared to noncancerous cells.

“Sirt1 expression was found to be increased in 21% of the 125 cases of cancer.”

They also found other indications that SIRT1 can increase cancer risk.

“In the Sirt1-positive expression group, Sirt1 expression correlated with a higher Ki67 index.”

Ki-67 protein is associated with cell proliferation.

Therefore, increased Ki-67 levels in cancer tissue have been considered a poor prognostic factor.

Elevated Ki-67 means cells divide more rapidly, fuelling the rapid growth of tumors.

The researchers also found a link with TNM classification. A multifactorial assessment of cancer.

“High Sirt1 was associated with higher TNM classification, particularly for lymph node invasion and metastasis, and with a higher number of pulmonary vein invasion and lymphatic duct invasion.”

TNM is a standardized way of assessing cancer by 3 combined factors.

The T refers to the size and extent of the main tumor.

The N refers to the number of nearby lymph nodes that have cancer.

Lymph nodes can help to spread cancer to other parts of the body (metastasis).

The M refers to whether the cancer has metastasized. Meaning that cancer has spread from the primary tumor to other parts of the body.

All of those factors became worse when SIRT1 was elevated.

Hypoxia inducible factor HIF-1 can become unregulated in cancer – and that was found to be associated with SIRT1.

“Additionally, a negative correlation was identified between HIF1-positive expression and Sirt1-negative expression.”

I have always been skeptical about the alleged benefits of resveratrol and the alleged benefits of increasing SIRT1.

Firstly, because resveratrol is estrogenic…

And secondly, because the research does not support the benefits of increasing SIRT1 – quite the opposite.

Elevating SIRT1 by taking resveratrol could increase the risk of cancer.

“These results indicate that Sirt1 overexpression plays a promotional role in tumorigenesis and is closely associated with invasion and metastasis and, thus, it may be associated with prognosis.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Resveratrol in the diet is no help at all, study says is a tumor promoter in lung adenocarcinoma