This is the ultimate cure to loneliness (will get her into your bed)

Lonely man sitting alone in gloomy room

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This is the ultimate cure to loneliness (will get her into your bed)

Whether you are newly single, recently divorced, married, or in a relationship, you may find yourself going through periods of loneliness…

…when you aren’t having much intimacy at all and feeling neglected in the bedroom…

This happens to every guy at some point in his life, sometimes multiple times…

But luckily, I’ve discovered really simple methods for attracting women and restoring her enthusiasm for intimacy…

…so you will have no problem coupling up and getting that intimacy you’ve been craving…

…whether or not you have a partner right now or not…

See, men aren’t meant to be alone. We’re designed to live in groups and have partners.

Even the most introverted of us usually needs at least some contact with a woman.

And mostly, that’s a good thing. It allows us to fulfill our deepest needs.

And loneliness drives us to go out and get the support we need.

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But when we don’t have enough support from others and experience chronic loneliness, the results can be devastating.

Loneliness can kill you.

Scientists have known for a while that loneliness causes bad health outcomes.

But just how bad is quite startling – the outcomes for loneliness include it being bad for the heart and being a strong predictor of premature death.

Does Living Alone or Feeling Lonely Matter More?

In this study, researchers took a novel approach.

They wanted to find out whether ACTUALLY living alone or just the FEELING of loneliness had a bigger impact on health.

Social support was measured using registry data on living alone or not, and survey questions about feeling lonely —

 Do you have someone to talk to when you need it? Do you feel alone sometimes even though you want to be with someone?

“It was important to collect information on both, since people may live alone but not feel lonely while others cohabit but do feel lonely”

It turned out that people can live alone and have strong social support and be fine.

And sometimes they can live with someone else and feel intense loneliness and have really negative health consequences.

So the FEELING of loneliness is what brings about the problems…

…problems like dramatically increased mortality risk, anxiety, depression and less satisfaction with life.

These aren’t things I want to experience.

Loneliness is associated with a nearly doubled mortality risk in men.

Men who feel lonely are 3 times more likely to report symptoms of anxiety and depression, and have a significantly lower quality of life than those who do not feel lonely.

Remarkably, the feeling of loneliness has such a major impact on health that even when controlling for other variables, the negative effects remain.

Feeling lonely is associated with poor outcomes in all patients regardless of their type of heart disease, and even after adjusting for age, level of education, other diseases, body mass index, smoking, and alcohol intake.

What to do if you feel lonely.

Banishing loneliness can be tough. But there is 1 key method that we teach to our students that has a good record of success.

Here it is:

Show up in spaces with people who have similar interests. This is one of the best ways we’ve found to make consistent, long term friends.

Developing friendships is often a fairly simple formula.

You just have to keep showing up places where you have stuff in common with people.  And make sure it’s a group where people get together on a regular basis.

It will normally take about 6 months to a year to start developing real friendships, but they will happen over time if you just keep showing up.

This can happen in a variety of settings. It can be volunteering at an animal shelter, taking dance lessons or rock climbing lessons, or finding a bar “where everybody knows your name.”

We’ve found that being physically present (rather than being in online groups) is the most effective way to make new friends and combat loneliness.

Loneliness can be debilitating for humans. It makes you feel miserable and can do serious long-term damage to your health.

It’s worth it to develop strong social connections to combat loneliness, because it will give you a longer, better life.

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