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Sleep, belly fat, and erection problems


Let’s roll!

Obesity and other metabolic diseases are some of the most prevalent health problems people face today.

There is a huge amount of debate over the causes of metabolic problems…

Too much sugar? Too much fat? Not enough exercise?

Many of these questions are worth asking.

But here is the first thing people should ask: “Am I getting enough sleep?”

The relationship between poor sleep and metabolic problems has been known for decades.

A recent study pulled information from the best research on sleep restriction intervention.

These are studies where researchers restrict the amount of sleep the participants get.

Sleep restriction studies help researchers understand whether sleep is a cause of metabolic problems.

The analysis provides very strong evidence that poor sleep increases appetite, increases food intake, causes weight gain, and decreases insulin sensitivity.

Effects of sleep restriction on metabolism-related parameters in healthy adults: A comprehensive review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trails.

The researchers carried out this analysis of human studies at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China. The journal Sleep Medicine Reviews published the results.

Sleep is absolutely essential to allow the body to regenerate itself after a stressful day.

“Adequate sleep is essential for the physiological, psychological, and cognitive well-being of an individual.”

Health organizations recommend that adults need about seven to eight hours of sleep every night.

“Adults are recommended to have at least 7 hrs sleep. Nevertheless, sleep restriction is becoming a prevalent public health issue.”

These days, more and more people are not getting enough sleep.

“Modern Americans are sleep deprived of about 1.5 hrs [of] sleep per night.”

Sleep scientists found that over 40% of Americans did not get enough sleep back in the 1990s.

20 years later, the same research found that over 60% of Americans are sleep deprived.

Obesity and other metabolic problems have also increased during that twenty-year period.

And more and more evidence has surfaced linking poor sleep to metabolic problems.

“An increasing body of literature has suggested that sleep restriction may be a risk factor for these metabolic diseases.”

The scientists wanted to look at evidence that might prove a causal link between poor sleep and metabolic problems.

To do that, they searched the scientific and medical databases of sleep and metabolic problems.

And they only selected studies that used sleep deprivation as an intervention.

The also only used studies where they could compare results before and after sleep deprivation experiments.

“The included studies were randomized controlled trials with experimental sleep restriction.”

In addition, they only included studies that test for at least one of a number of critical metabolic factors.

“The outcomes included: subjective hunger, appetite-regulating hormones, changes in brain activity, energy intake and expenditure, weight change, insulin sensitivity or resistance.”

All of the study subjects were healthy adults.

In total, the researchers found 41 studies that met the requirements.

The researchers combined the results from all of these high-quality studies to see if there was any effect from sleep deprivation on any measure of metabolic dysfunction.

The study got a number of pretty clear results.

Sleep restriction increases appetite.

When participants didn’t get enough sleep, they reported feeling about 13% more hunger.

“Sleep restriction resulted in a significant increase in subjective hunger.”

People ate significantly more food when they slept less.

The increase in food was similar to the increase in feelings of hunger.

Participants ate about 10 to 15% more food, relative to the recommended caloric intake.

“Participants consumed 250kcal/day more under sleep restriction than under normal sleep.”

As you might expect, people gained weight in the sleep restricted state.

“Sleep restriction resulted in weight gain.”

Insulin sensitivity is becoming a major problem for many people.

The study showed that sleep restriction can harm insulin sensitivity.

“Sleep restriction also decreased insulin sensitivity.”

The researchers could even see the changes in hunger and appetite on brain scans.

Sleep restriction quickly caused changes in areas of the brain related to control and reward – making it more difficult for people to regulate food intake.

“Changes in brain activity in response to food were observed under sleep restriction, particularly regions related to cognitive control and reward.”

The study leaves little doubt as to the effect of poor sleep on weight gain and other metabolic problems.

“This review enhanced our knowledge about the detrimental effects of sleep restriction on metabolism. The results provide novel directions for preventing metabolic diseases including obesity and diabetes.”

The vast majority of people could improve their metabolic health by improving their sleep.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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