This is the best natural antibiotic on Earth for men

This is the best natural antibiotic on earth for men

Unlike Big Pharma antibiotics, men can’t become resistant to this cheap, natural superfood with medicinal effects…

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This is the best natural antibiotic on Earth for men

Garlic is a traditional remedy…

People claim it cures everything from high blood pressure to warts.

But does garlic have any real medicinal benefits?

Well, yeah! It actually seems to have lasting antibiotic effects.

A comparative study of raw garlic extract and tetracycline on caecal microflora and serum proteins of albino rats.

This study from the Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore, India compared the antibiotic effect of garlic with the common antibiotic tetracycline.

Scientists visited the local market and picked up some fresh garlic bulbs.

They processed the bulbs into a raw garlic extract.

Then they grouped 18 adult male rats into six groups of three and gave them free access to a cornstarch diet.

The six groups:

  • 1 and 2 – not treated (control comparison group)
  • 3 and 4 – given garlic extract
  • 5 and 6 – given tetracycline

After three days, they sacrificed the animals in groups 1, 3, and 6.

Examination of their gut bacteria showed that both raw garlic extract and tetracycline have a potent antibacterial effect.

Toxic bacterial strains decreased from 10-fold for some and 100-fold for others.

“Nearly a hundred-fold decrease was observed in total streptococci and coliforms followed by ten-fold decrease for total lactobacilli, aerobes, and anaerobes.”

After three days, both tetracycline and raw garlic extract significantly lowered the amount of toxic bacteria in the mice.

“Gut bacteria counts for tetracycline administered rats had significantly lowered, as compared to those of garlic and controls, especially in cases of total streptococci, aerobes, and anaerobes.”

At those doses and after that amount of time, tetracycline was more effective than the raw garlic extract.

“The gut bacteria of rats fed raw garlic extract had significantly lower counts, but they were significantly more than those of tetracycline fed rats.”

But the scientists noticed a strange effect when they tested the other animals later on…

The animals in Group 4 had the garlic treatment and the animals in Group 6 had the tetracycline treatment – but only until day three…

They kept those animals alive for another three days and sacrificed them on day six.

When the scientists examined the animals’ bacteria, they found that the antibiotic effects of raw garlic extract persisted much longer than the effects of tetracycline.

“After withdrawal of the test materials, the gut bacteria of tetracycline-fed animals tended to revert to normalcy faster than those after garlic – indicating a prolonged inhibitory action of garlic extract on intestinal microbes.”

For some reason, the antibiotic effects of raw garlic extract last longer than those of tetracycline.

Examination of the blood samples from the animals confirmed this effect.

“The serum protein profile, especially globulins tended to revert to normalcy faster in tetracycline-fed animals than those fed with garlic.”

Antibiotics have varied safety profiles.

Tetracycline is one of the safer antibiotics…

Yet there are still some problems with it – especially at high doses over long periods.

Tetracycline can suppress the cell’s ability to generate energy – its antibiotic effect actually works primarily on this mechanism.

On top of that, whenever we use antibiotics we are adding to the ever-increasing emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

As we repeatedly expose trillions of bacteria to the same antibiotics, they eventually mutate to a form that is resistant to that antibiotic.

“Bacteria develop faster resistance to commercially available antibiotics.”

These antibiotic-resistant strains can then proliferate and cause untold damage in medical environments – and we then have no antibacterial protection from them.

“At certain times, prolonged administrations of antibiotics may lead to the colonization of yeasts and molds which are hazardous to the hosts.”

So it is important to identify potent antibacterial agents, especially those that may not be susceptible to antibiotic resistance.

“Natural antimicrobial agents such as garlic can inhibit both bacteria and molds – apart from its hypoglycemic and hypocholesterolemic actions.”

On another note…

If you’re wondering why the authors claim that garlic tends to lower cholesterol…

Cholesterol is one of the methods the body uses to detox pathogenic bacteria.

That’s right, gut bacteria can raise cholesterol.

You should see a medical professional about any suspected health problem.

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