This is ruining men’s eyesight faster than anything else

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This is ruining men’s eyesight faster than anything else

Nearsightedness (e.g. myopia) requiring the use of glasses is so common in modern society that little thought is given to it.

Many people have a vague notion that the increased incidence of myopia in children may be a consequence of exposure to electronic devices and a variety of aspects of modern life.

Computer, cell phone, and television screens are often identified as major culprits, and they very well may be important factors, but the list doesn’t end there.

One study identified several factors associated with myopia in young adults aged 18 to 24:

“Older age, parental myopia, higher education level, more near work, less outdoor activity, and higher urbanization level were independent predictors of myopia.” – Lee et al. (2013)

Davdand identifies a perhaps unsuspected influence: air pollution.

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Analyzing a cohort of 2,727 schoolchildren aged 7 to 10 in Barcelona, the authors were able to find a correlation between exposure to air pollution (from traffic) and the use of glasses:

“We observed increased risk of spectacles use associated with exposure to traffic-related air pollution. These findings require further confirmation by future studies applying more refined outcome measures such as quantified visual acuity and separating different types of refractive errors.” – Dadvand et al. (2017)

This result is consistent with an earlier study which found a correlation between air pollution and people visiting eye doctors (ophthalmologists):

“This study suggests that high levels of air pollution experienced in Paris are linked to short term increases in the number of people visiting the ophthalmological emergency department.” – Bourcier et al. (2003) 

The genetics argument is often used to dismiss environmental influences, but this dichotomy doesn’t really apply here.

Genetics or hereditary factors play a definite role in the risk of developing myopia, but the external factors have a significant influence:

“Genetics greatly influence the growth of the eye, but the fine correlation between the components of refraction for the eye to become emmetrope is affected by environmental factors such as education, metabolism, physical activity, and outdoor activity.” – Goldschmidt & Jacobsen (2014)

This body of research tells us that a myriad of factors influence the development of myopia, and offers clues for ways to tackle potential risks.

As myopia tends to develop earlier on in life, there are many opportunities to mitigate the risks in children.

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