This “hot” natural treatment gives men more muscle mass

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Turns out you don’t have to exercise to have strong muscles

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This “hot” natural treatment gives men more muscle mass

Male lions sit around all day, except for a few times when they run after prey.

But male lions are super muscular.

How can a lion have huge muscles if it isn’t working out in a gym, LOL?

Today’s newsletter is about a discovery that lets men keep building and protecting muscle mass with little or no exercise. 

Muscle produces beneficial hormones, including testosterone. And that helps to keep us lean, and helps us move around the world safely.

And there are a number of muscle-wasting diseases that can cause major health problems. 

A friend of mine who is quite a bit older is now “frail” and he has very poor muscle mass and very weak bones.

So, for most people, aging is the major cause of loss of muscle.

But even if you have an accident, even if you just get older, it’s important to maintain as much muscle as possible.

What many people don’t know is that heat is enough to slow down the loss of muscle mass.

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These human experiments took place at the Department of Exercise Sciences, Brigham Young University, US. The Journal of Applied Physiology published the results.

With muscle tissue, you use it or you lose it.

Injury or illness that leads to immobilization prevents the use of muscles. 

And this leads to the muscles wasting away.

“Skeletal muscle immobilization leads to atrophy, decreased metabolic health, and substantial losses in function.”

Now this is cool…

Farmers using infrared lights on sick animals noticed that the animals seemed to maintain more muscle mass than sick animals kept in the cold.

So researchers conducted experiments on animals based on these observations and found it to be true.

Infrared lights produce penetrating heat that warms up the entire muscle.

“Animal models suggest that heat stress can provide protection against atrophy in skeletal muscle.”

This research was designed to see if this effect was also true in humans.

“This study investigated the effects of daily heat therapy on human skeletal muscle subjected to immobilization.”

The study recruited 23 healthy subjects: 11 women and 12 men. All of them were subjected to 10 days of immobilization.

The participants were given either a two-hour heat treatment or a sham treatment – every day for 10 days. 

(The sham treatment involved going through the same procedure except that the heating device was not switched on.)

The researchers took muscle samples and magnetic resonance imaging scans of all of the participants.

“Muscle biopsies and MRI images were analyzed from the vastus lateralis of 23 healthy volunteers before and after either 10 days of immobilization with a daily sham treatment or heat treatment.”

(The vastus lateralis is the largest muscle in the thigh.)

And it turns out that heat treatment protects against the loss of muscle.

“Decreases in muscle cross-section area were greater in the sham group than in the heat treatment group.”

People who did not receive heat treatment lost more than 7.5% of their muscle mass.

Loss of muscle was reduced to 4.5% in the group that received heat treatment.

The muscles remained healthier too. 

Researchers looked at the mitochondria in muscle cells – the parts of the cells responsible for producing energy.

The mitochondria were healthier in the muscle cells of participants exposed to heat therapy.

“Heat treatment prevented the immobilization-induced loss of myofiber respiratory capacity.”

Poor myofiber respiratory capacity within the muscles has been linked to insulin resistance. 

By preventing the loss of respiratory capacity, heat therapy could lower the risk of insulin resistance in immobilized people.

Heat therapy protects against muscle loss and metabolic damage during immobilization.

“Our findings demonstrate that daily heat treatments, applied during 10 days of immobilization, prevent the loss of mitochondrial function and attenuate atrophy in human skeletal muscle.”

The study used the type of heat therapy called pulsed shortwave diathermy to warm up the muscles of the participants.

But infrared heat lamps provide the same type of penetrating infrared heat at a fraction of the cost. 

Heat lamps are widely available, often used as treatments for muscle pain or used by farmers rearing young animals.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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