This hormone protects you from getting diabetes

And it’s so easy to get more of this powerful male hormone

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Hey, Matt Cook here and did you know that a powerful male hormone could actually shield you from type 2 diabetes?

While diabetes is a complex disease, researchers have discovered that this often overlooked male hormone may protect the cells in your pancreas that produce insulin.

So for us men, keeping our hormones in check could be the key to avoiding diabetes down the road.

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This hormone protects you from getting diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a complicated disease.

But one of the processes which occurs is the death of pancreatic beta cells – the cells which produce insulin.

Men with type 2 diabetes have low testosterone.

And higher DHT – the bigger brother of testosterone – is associated with a lower risk of developing the disease.

“Among older men, higher levels of DHT were inversely associated with insulin resistance and risk of diabetes over the ensuing 10 years.”

Researchers believe that one of the reasons that people develop diabetes is due to an increase in reactive oxygen species.

Reactive oxygen species cause oxidative stress, killing pancreatic beta cells.

Cell experiments show that DHT prevents the death of pancreas cells by oxidative stress

…giving us one potential mechanism by which DHT may protect against diabetes.

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The cell research was carried out at Inje University in Busan, Korea. The paper was published in The World Journal of Men’s Health.

“DHT is very important in the sexual development and the maintenance of male reproductive system, and also has diverse actions in non-reproductive tissues, including potent antioxidant capacity.”

Type 2 diabetes is a complex disease…

…but these researchers focused on just one element of it – the death of pancreatic beta cells – the cells which produce insulin.

“Type 2 diabetes is caused by tissue insulin resistance and insufficient insulin secretion from the pancreatic β-cells.”

As Type 2 diabetes gets worse, sufferers lose more and more of their pancreatic beta cells.

“The progressive decline of pancreatic β-cells in diabetes is closely related with the severity of disease.”

The researchers wanted to know whether the male hormone, DHT, could protect pancreas cells against death from oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is elevated in diabetes.

“We wanted to know whether DHT can protect insulin secreting pancreatic cells from apoptosis and senescence induced by oxidative stress.”

The research was carried out on insulin producing cells in the lab.

“Cultured INS-1 cells were used. Various concentrations of hydrogen peroxide were applied to exert oxidative stresses.”

Hydrogen peroxide is a reactive oxygen species produced in the body.

It has a number of useful functions – but excessive production of hydrogen peroxide can damage and kill cells.

Researchers at Soonchunhyang University College of Medicine, Korea found that low levels of hydrogen peroxide can help rats with insulin secretion…

…but high levels had a negative effect.

“…high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide impairs glucose- induced insulin secretion, probably by acting as an oxidative stress.”

Apoptosis is cell death. Senescence is the cessation of cell division.

Both lead to fewer cells and eventually functional failure – in this case of the pancreas.

“The degrees of apoptosis, accelerated senescence, and the changes of the expressions of related signaling molecules after the application of DHT were analyzed.”

The natural oxidant hydrogen peroxide accelerated cell death and decreased the amount of cell division.

“The application of hydrogen peroxide significantly increased the degree of senescence and apoptosis of cultured INS cells.”

DHT prevents both effects – protecting insulin-producing pancreatic cells.

“DHT not only showed antioxidant protective capacity, but also significantly reduced the degree of accelerated senescence.”

The research shows that this overlooked and often maligned male hormone could actually protect against the development and progression of type 2 diabetes in men.

“DHT effectively protects pancreatic islet INS cells from hydrogen peroxide induced oxidative stress.”

It is just another reminder of how important hormones are in our overall health.

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Testosterone, Dihydrotestosterone, Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin, and Incident Diabetes Among Older Men: The Cardiovascular Health Study Protects Pancreatic β-cells from Apoptosis and Stress-Induced Accelerated Senescence of Hydrogen Peroxide on Insulin Secretion in Rat Pancreatic Islets