This herbal remedy gives men perfect blood sugar (even diabetics)

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This study proves it works better than Big Pharma treatments!

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—-Important Message—-

Why I never, ever recommend low carb “keto” diets for men

You probably know at least 3 people who are trying to avoid eating carbs in order to lose fat.

And maybe you are thinking about trying this yourself.

After all, John from down the block did “keto” and lost 10 pounds.

Bill from the gym is doing keto and is already down 5.

But this quick weight loss is deceiving… and in fact, very harmful. Especially for men!

Here’s what men aren’t being told about low carb “keto” diets — watch this before you decide what to eat next!


This herbal remedy gives men perfect blood sugar (even diabetics)

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that about 30 million Americans suffer from type II diabetes.

Diabetes causes heart problems, eye problems, kidney problems, and depression.

About 50% of people with type II diabetes die from related cardiovascular disease.

There are chemical remedies that treat diabetes. But for many people these medications have side effects.

So researchers are eagerly investigating alternative treatments.

Recently, scientists tested a herbal remedy used in Ayurveda — the traditional healing system of the Indian subcontinent.

Researchers found that the plant was able to significantly lower blood sugar and HbA1c.

It was more effective than a diabetes treatment used for comparison.

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These animal experiments were carried out at the Sri Vasavi Institute, Andhra Pradesh, India. The results were published in the Australian Journal of Pharmaceutical Biology.

One of the central problems of type II diabetes is the inability to control blood sugar levels.

“Diabetes mellitus is a syndrome of impaired glucose metabolism.”

High and low blood sugar cause a whole host of problems for people with diabetes.

A couple of different types of treatments are used to try to control these symptoms.

“The treatment of diabetes mellitus has been confined to the use of oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin, which is being reported to possess serious side effects.”

Because of the problems associated with these treatments, research for other solutions is ongoing.

“This leads to increasing demand for herbal products with antidiabetic factors with little side effects.”

This research looked at the effect of a plant used in herbal treatments in India. The plant is called Hemidesmus indicus.

It has a number of different uses in traditional Indian treatments.

“It is used in treating stomach problems, in curing rashes, to ease the mind, in symptoms of syphilis.”

It is often used to treat libido, impotence, and low testosterone.

“Ayurveda healers also used it to…in cases of low libido and sexual impotence in men. The roots are known to improve male testosterone levels.”

This research investigated the effect of this plant on rats with chemically induced type II diabetes.

A number of rats were exposed to a chemical often used to cause diabetes in experimental animals.

Some animals were not exposed to the chemical and we use it for comparison.

The animals who developed diabetes were split into different groups and given different treatments.

“In the experiment, a total of 24 rats (18 diabetic rats and 6 normal rats) were used. The rats were divided into four groups of six rats each.”

Some of the rats were given the herbal treatment Hemidesmus indicus. Others were given a common diabetes treatment glibenclamide.

The third group of diabetic rats received no treatment.

After six weeks the researchers conducted a number of tests on the animals to see the effects of the treatment.

The herbal remedy was effective in lowering blood sugar levels in the diabetic animals.

It was even more effective than the diabetes treatment glibenclamide.

“Significant reduction of blood glucose level occurred in the extract treatment when compared to the normal control and glibenclamide.”

The herbal remedy kept blood sugar levels down over the long term, as shown by tests of HbA1c.

“Treatment with H. indicus resulted in a significant reduction of glycosylated hemoglobin (HBA1C).”

The researchers believed the herbal remedy allows the body to use sugar more effectively. This leads to less sugar accumulating in the blood.

“H. indicus has a significant protective effect against type 2 diabetes which may be due to an increase in peripheral glucose consumption.”

The plant also had a protective antioxidant effect.

It lowered harmful free radicals which are increased in type II diabetes could be the cause of many symptoms of the disease.

“H. indicus extracts showed protection against oxidative damage in type 2 diabetes.”

The research may have opened a new avenue in the treatment of type II diabetes.

—-Important Message for Men with Blood Sugar Problems—-

Can you become “diabetes free” in 2 months?

There are many ways that Big Pharma “treats” diabetics…

And sometimes these “treatments” may make symptoms worse.

For instance…Metformin is the most prescribed chemical for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

This is so despite very large studies that show Metformin doesn’t actually help reduce mortality in diabetics at all:

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So let me give you their conclusion…

Metformin did not significantly affect the primary outcomes all-cause mortality, and cardiovascular mortality.

This is their finding after looking at 13,110 patients.

Some patients took Metformin, and then some patients did not.

All of the patients were diabetic or pre-diabetic.

And what they found was — Metformin doesn’t extend life.

Now, you may be thinking that the point is to lower blood sugar…

But the problem in diabetes isn’t that there is too much sugar, it is that the body doesn’t metabolize it.  

Metformin does not solve that problem — frankly, it interferes with so many things but does not help at all.

So I developed this “cellular smoothie” that lowers blood sugar to normal levels without dangerous chemicals like Metformin or insulin

When I take the cellular smoothie myself, since I’m not diabetic, I actually have to take it with a whole bunch of sugar, so that I don’t get low blood sugar.

It’s that effective.

That means that if you ARE diabetic, your blood sugar will be fine with the cellular smoothie.

And it works with very common and inexpensive ingredients you may already have in your kitchen right now…

One of the ingredients lowers blood sugar better than Metformin, and without any side effects.

It’s got a history of over 100 years of safety.

Here’s how you can get this “cellular smoothie” to fix diabetes and avoid dangerous Big Pharma chemicals



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Protective effect of Hemidesmus indicus on experimental type 2 diabetes